YMMV / Shatterpoint

  • Fridge Brilliance: TONS of it, mostly on the nature of the force and why, exactly, the near super-powered Jedi seem to get ambushed and taken advantage of so often in war.
    • Mace's first walk through Pelek Baw played hell with his Spider-Sense because malice and danger were everywhere. Now think about what happens in war...no wonder the Jedi strive for peace and serenity.
    • Much, much later in the book, as Depa lies comatose, her mind "lost in infinite night", Mace, Yoda and Palpatine discuss the terrible tragedy and whether it could have been prevented. But who, truly, could have thought war could do that to a Jedi? ...Then Palpatine coughs and changes the subject. Who indeed?
    • The point that strong emotions are not evil, just unsafe for force users. For an ‹bermensch like Mace, who could destroy half an army with the raw force of his anger if he chose, it's no wonder evil is addictive.