YMMV: Shaman King Flowers

  • Arc Fatigue: The Death Zero arc. All the arc is a huge Secret Test of Character from Hao to Hana, in order to teach him that being strong is more than reckless strenght, fighting must be done with a purpose and to get him a brand new spirit partner. The whole arc happens inside the Great Spirits, most precisely, Hell; but people are getting tired of the slow progress and really want to know what are doing the living members of Team Hao right now.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Hao being a massive Karma Houdini in the original series is addressed with the revelation that he's not Easily Forgiven and many of the previous Shaman Kings are understandably not pleased with a mass murderer like him in that position. On the other hand, the current protagonists are being forced to help him keep the job.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Hana has more power than his father Yoh had at his age. Considering that Hana died as a baby, dying is the best way to increase furyoku (spiritual power) and we don't know how much time passed before Hao revive him, is understandable.
  • Nightmare Fuel: YVS. The guy's got a whole cult devoted to him, and they're capable of playing with souls however they please, ranging from altering them to downright destroying them with no effort whatsoever. He's also the previous Shaman King, and he wants Hao dead for fear of Hao destroying the world that he worked so hard to perfect and create.