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YMMV: Shaman King
  • Angst? What Angst?: Yoh. With a few exceptions, not much seems to bother this guy. Not even being killed (so that he can get some literal Training from Hell, though he wasn't informed of this beforehand).
    • Well except for that one time when Faust dissected Manta, who at the time was his only friend. That being said, though, he managed to snap out of that funk after a volume or so.
      • Subverted, Volumes 19-20, show he wants to cure Anna of her Emotion Bomb powers and make Matamune a new Over Soul so he could never see him again, showing how much of a woobie and Stepford Smiler he is.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Several. Most notably near the manga's end where the end of the Patch officers' battles are skipped.
  • Base Breaker: In regard to Pirika. Loved by some, hated by others.
    • Lyserg as well. Some forgive him his trespasses, others do not.
    • Anna is probably the biggest one, as while some love her, others despise her for her abusive Jerkass tendencies.
    • Hao gets this too. There are those who like him and those who do not. The ones that don't like him are due to being an overpowered villain (especially in the manga), hypocritical, having a arrogant Social Darwinist type attitude, and a Karma Houdini in the manga. Even with his back story in mind, these fans feel it doesn't excuse Hao's actions. In fact, the list described from before makes some fans see him as a more unsympathetic person.
  • Creepy Awesome: Faust VIII.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Say what you will about the dub itself, but the opening kicks ass.
    • Combined with Ear Worm: Sha-man KIIIIING. Fits for any 3 syllable TV show. (Out-Law STAAAR! I-T CROOOOWD! FA-THER TEEED!)
  • Cult Classic: While moderately popular back home, it is has a small fan base in the US, especially after the 4Kids Entertainment dub.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Everybody's reaction to Joco's jokes. Joco even jokes about his blindness "...permanent."
  • Evil Is Sexy: And Hao?!
  • Growing the Beard: The show was initially a Slice of Life ghost story until Ren came and it became a Shaman of the Week story, then the Shaman King Tournament Arc starts and the fights get even more epic, and after the awesome fight with Tao Yuan, Hao appears and he and his followers prove to be a Knight of Cerebus faction showing that Anyone Can Die and the fights get much Darker and Edgier. However, it is after Yoh and Anna's flashback about how they met, that the story truly begins to hit its stride and the fights have more drama and action than before, in addition to the great Character Development and the story becomes much more interesting.
  • Ho Yay: To say nothing of Ryu's obvious feelings toward Lyserg, many of the guys fall into this. Notable cases being Ren/Horohoro, Amidamaru/Mosuke, Hao's devoted followers, and some subtext between Manta and Yoh. The omake introduces some with Lyserg and a new character, Hudson. Fridge Brilliance on the creator's part, especially if you've seen the latest Sherlock movies.
  • Macekre: Actually not too bad, considering 4Kids' track record, but... changing Hao's name to Zeke? Seriously? He's an ancient godlike shaman from medieval Japan, not a trucker! Also, there's the minor fact that Ren, the Chinese shaman, has a British accent while Lyserg, the British shaman, does not...
    • While they could've done better than Zeke, could you imagine the reaction some people would have if they saw an Indian named Hao?
    • Well, in all fairness, while Ren only sounds British, he never claimed to be British.
      • Also, Horohoro preferring to be called Trey Racer? What?
    • However, despite a number of name changes (Ryu/Rio, Manta/Mortimer, Over Soul/Spirit Control, etc.), they retained the original name for a shaman's spirit power, "Furyoku", while the VIZ translation of the manga changed it to the more generic "Mana".
  • Retroactive Recognition: Elder Price is Lenny. ELDER PRICE IS LENNY?!
  • The Scrappy: Pirika, Tamao and Chocolove.
    • Opacho, big time. Also, the X-Laws, particularly Lyserg and Marco.
  • Too Cool to Live: Most of the human ghosts were this, Mikihisa in the future, and Matamune the split tail cat.
    • Matamune was one of the few ghosts and characters in general to be genuinely humble, very wise and witty. He displayed amazing powers against the Oni and soon disappeared into the spirit realm this was because his mana for existing on the material world was fading, and seemed to imply that because of his predicament, his powers were much lesser than 500 years ago. If Yoh had continued to use Matamune as his ally, it would've been much easier to go through the preliminaries.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In Funbari no Uta, 7 years has passed since the Shaman Fight and Hana is 6. This means that Hana was born 1 year after the Shaman Fight was over and Anna was only age 15 during the Shaman Fight. I wonder when was he conceived.
    • This is largely because there was the very real fact that Yoh wouldn't survive the tournament. It's likely that in a normal setting they would have waited. And hey, Yoh was the same age.
    • Mr. Unfortunate Implications, himself, Chocolove.
      • Ryu knew they could all trust Chocolove, since he looked so much like Muscle Punch, the one black member in his gang, and the only other black person he knew. To be perfectly fair, though, that really is in line with the kind of character Ryu is.
  • Villain Sue: Hao. He still has a decently-sized fanbase though, so mileages vary as to how much this trope affects his character.
    • Let's see a Furyoku Level over 1,000,000? Check (1,250,000). Uses a Kami-class Olympus Mons spirit for the tournament while other shamans have a Seirei spirit or a basic Nature spirit? Check. Obtains the Great Spirit and being even MORE BROKEN than he already IS? Double Check!
    • Can reincarnate himself if killed, which for most of the series isn't even presented as possibility despite all of his enemies, and by the end, rather than plot device introduced that allows him to be killed for good, he instead makes Heel-Face Turn, effectively meaning he gets away with everything he did despite crossing the Moral Event Horizon a dozen times over before the series even began.
    • This Karma Houdini even becomes a plot point in the sequel, as the previous Shaman Kings are understandably not happy with Hao being the new Shaman King.
    • This problem is corrected in the anime where he is killed off for real thanks to a plot device.
  • Woolseyism:
    • One of the few good changes: Renaming Chocolove to "Joco". The original name is both unwieldy and potentially offensive, while Joco sounds like an actual name as opposed to a racial slur. (Of course, this was done in the official manga translation as well.)
    • In the VIZ manga, Chocolove's lips were also edited to match those of the rest of the cast as opposed to the large, thick ones he originally had. It pays to be racially sensitive and it was initially pretty offensive. In the anime, the lips remained (which is weird considering 4Kids' rep...).
      • Most African-American characters or those with similar heritage received the same treatment throughout the manga.
      • Averted big time in the Mexican Spanish dub of the anime, and also in the Mexican Spanish manga translation. In fact, the Mexican Spanish dub of the anime makes Chocolove even more offensive (and funnier) by giving him a Southern accent (who is normally reserved in Mexican Spanish for hillbillies or Native Mexicans alike). There are times when Horohoro is racist to Chocolove in the Mexican dub but these lines are really short lived.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Yoh is Hao's twin but we never get to see Yoh developing a power similar to Hao. In the manga Hao says that he wants to consume Yoh's soul but we never get what will he win.
    • This is later rectified in the anime when he does manage to consume Yoh's soul and appears much stronger for it. Until Yoh frees himself and Hao's strength decreases accordingly.
  • The Woobie: Each of the characters can be seen as this, especially Ren, Anna and Lyserg. Yoh seemed to not be this but Volumes 19 & 20 proved this very wrong, after losing his first spirit ally and friend outside of the household.

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