YMMV / Shadow Ops

  • Critical Research Failure: The series is utterly riddled with them, pretty much relating to any culture outside of the United States.
    • Hindus are depicted as revering the naga from the Source as gods, despite the naga in the Source having only vaguely superficial connections to classic Hindu deities.
    • Native Americans, particularly the Apache rebels, are depicted as revering the gahe shadow creatures as gods, which has utterly no basis in any actual Native American religions.
    • Anyone with a basic understanding of the US Constitution could see how blatantly the Grauer-McLinden act violates nearly the entire Bill of Rights in the Constitution, especially the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Amendments on subjects such as trial by jury, due process, and cruel and unusual punishment. In addition, Firebase Frontier's entire existence is an egregious violation of the War Powers Act. The laws regarding Latents are so extremely unconstitutional that they would have been swatted down the moment any suit got in front of a judge.
    • Several combat scenes involve blatant tactical mistakes, such as goblin warriors threatening defended human positions with javelins, or any time a hostile flying creature gets in sight of a defended human position and isn't instantly shot down. At one point a Black Hawk helicopter is flying so low to the ground while shooting at invading goblins that an ogre can reach up and grab it by the landing gear.
  • Even Better Sequel / Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Fortress Frontier is generally viewed far more favorable than Control Point.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Some of the readers feel that the relationship between Harlequin and Scylla that developed in Breach Point was at best a distraction and at worse entirely unnecessary and even forced on the story, since there were no hints of any previous connection on that level in earlier books, even when the two were present on the same military base.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Some readers of Control Point disliked the protagonist for his Selfer apologism and the bad decisions he made in the novel.