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YMMV: Shadow of a Doubt
  • Complete Monster: Uncle Charlie is a remorseless Serial Killer who targets rich widows to kill them for their money, viewing them as cows who deserve to be slaughtered for living pointless lives. When his niece, named after him as Charlie learns his secret, Uncle Charlie tries to kill her in increasingly desperate ways, from pushing her down the stairs, to trapping her in the garage with a running car engine and finally yanking her on the train with him, intending to push her to her death when it goes fast enough.
  • Idiot Plot: Roger Ebert considers it to have elements of this, even though to him it's still a masterpiece.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Uncle Charlie's incredibly creepy rant during dinner, about how rich widows are useless, wheezing cattle who deserve to be slaughtered. What's almost as creepy is how everyone else brushes it off within seconds. It's the Weirdness Censor being Played for Drama, and it works.
    • Hell, just everything about Uncle Charlie, period.

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