YMMV / Shadow Crystal Mage

  • Crack Pairing: A staple of his fics. The odd thing is that sometimes despite the pairing being this, it seems to work when he's not trying to be funny. Death from The Sandman and Sasuke actually works the way he explains it.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Uzumaki Harry, from the Harry Potter/Naruto crossover of the same name qualifies. As the story summary states, "Uzumaki Harry is the adopted brother of Naruto and Sasuke, under the guardianship of Jiraiya. Anko is his sensei. He edits 'Icha Icha'. Can you picture how messed up this is going to be?"
    • The author himself qualifies as well. The sheer audacity of the stories he writes leaves people with dropped jaws, aching sides, and a desperate need to change their pants.
  • His crack fics often turn people off. Even reviewers simply announced that they would not read the fics anymore, some more polite than others.