YMMV / Shade's Children

  • Complete Monster: Silver Sun is a member of the extradimensional Overlords, and is bad even compared to her evil companions. Silver Sun sets up the transfer for the Overlords' invasion to start with, exterminating ninety-percent of humanity with all survivors under the age of fourteen herded away. Silver Sun and the other Overlords then set up a horrific regime where teenagers are pumped full of sterilizing drugs and horribly conditioned before being carted en masse to the Meat Factory, where they're chopped up and converted into Creatures whose sole purpose is to killóretaining a vestige of their humanity and remaining fully aware the entire time—and females are raped for years on end to produce more fodder for the Creatures before being killed too. Once Silver Sun is finally confronted, she personally tortures two of the young heroes herself while boasting of her responsibility of setting the entire system up to begin with—and cheerfully notes "it's what you're there for" when confronted on why she did so.
  • The Scrappy: Gold-Eye
  • Squick: It's mentioned that girls taken away for breeding get an extension to 16 "or even eighteen." That's an extra 2-4 years of life! And by life, we mean forced sex/artifical insemination, pregancy and chidbirth before being carted off and dismembered.