YMMV / 7th Dragon

  • Awesome Music: Yuzo Koshiro was the composer, so there are several awesome tracks.
  • Iron Woobie: Emelle.
  • Moe: Everyone and everything have the appearance of Nendoroid! Even big burly men like Gatou and Daigo looks like plush dolls.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Never mind the Dragons, the player characters can dish out a hefty dose of it: the EX-skill of the Psychic class lets loose living shadows from another dimension to devour their opponents, like in the fight against Izanami in Persona 4. The name of the skill? Dark Invasion.
  • The Scrappy:
    • In 2020, Aoi would have gained a lot more respect if she can read the atmosphere and shut up. She wants to be a Blithe Spirit, but she ends up being insensitive.
    • Also in 2020, Chiron.
  • Sequel Displacement: 2020 has two follow-ups, and the original hasn't had any.
  • That One Boss:
    • Potentially any boss can contend for this, but Jigowatt (in Standard Mode) is the point where you either start planning your characters, or drop the game altogether.
    • Insomnia has a party-wide attack that inflicts Dead. And when you fight it for the first time, it's unlikely that you have anything that can perfectly nullify Dead. All that we can say is 'good luck with the fight'.
  • Too Cool to Live: Souji, Daigo, and everyone else who sacrifice their life during Fomalhaut invasion. But especially Souji.