YMMV / Session 9

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Some are left with the impression that Gordon was not really Axe-Crazy, but instead suffering from a case of Demonic Possession.
    • This theory is supported by some deleted scenes, which show that the Simon "personality" is actually a murderous demonic entity which hops from victim to victim, preying upon their weakness as a way in ("I live in the weak and the wounded"), and then using their bodies to commit murders.
      • However, it works just as well as a metaphor as it does literally. The movie leaves it ambiguous.
  • Awesome Music: The score, by Climax Golden Twins. ...Okay, so maybe the term "music" isn't really the proper descriptor, but for an atmospherically-inclined work of avant-garde soundscaping there's a surprising amount of normal musical structure surrounding it. It's also chock-full of little ear-worms... The soundtrack album isn't so much a bogstandard selection of tracks used in the movie as it is its own, self-contained experience; a companion piece to the film.
  • Narm: Hey... *points* Fuck youuu!
    • Which has led to that being quite popular as a gif on Image Boards.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Just about everyone watching this movie will at some point observe "Hey, it's the guy from CSI: Miami!"
  • Tear Jerker: Gordon's final phone call to his wife.
    • Or better yet, The call in his mind. The phone Gordon is using is broken and his mind is attempting to pace together a scenario where his wife and daughter were still alive and apologizing for his actions.
  • The Woobie: Jeff.
    • Gordon, especially in the end when he's so mentally broken.