YMMV / See No Evil

  • Complete Monster: Margaret Goodnight seems like a kindly old woman opening a hotel as a homeless shelter, but she is in fact the mastermind behind her son Jacobís killing spree. Luring several teenage delinquents, and a police officer overseeing them into a murder trap for her son, it is discovered that she is the one who molded Jacob into the killer he is today. Ever since Jacob was young, Margaret would abuse and torture him and at one point tortured a girl in front of Jacob, forcing him to watch as she ripped the girlís eye out. She brainwashed Jacob into believing he is the hand of God, and kill people she sees as sinners, even if they have so much as a religious tattooFun Fact . When Jacob is reluctant to kill a hostage, Margaret belittles him for being "ungrateful" and attempts to do the deed herself.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Any Kane fan can attest this is really easy.
  • The Danza: the ones who are rooted, when talking about Jacob, will mostly refer to him as Kane.
  • The Scrappy: Michael is one for most people, considering he's a sexist a-hole who was previously Kira's boyfriend, and had abused her. The fact that he lives in favor of Ty, Melissa or Ritchie doesn't make it any better.
  • Squick: Jacob's maggot-infested head.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The filmmakers admitted (gleefully, in fact) that they wanted the teenaged victims to be as annoying as possible in order to make Jacob Goodnight look cool (as if that was even necessary for gore-loving horror fans). Problem is, the kids just aren't quite annoying enough to justify their murders. The fact that they're in that hotel against their will and are pretty much helpless also tends to lend much sympathy to them.