YMMV / Scream of the Shalka


  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Shalka Doctor to the rest of them.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "I'm the Doctor, that is the Master, who I see isn't holding on to anything, and this... is a black hole. Bye!"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight
  • Ho Yay:
    • The Doctor and the Master have always had it, but the answering machine message takes the cake. Spoiler for slashiest moment in DW history follows:
      The Doctor: (on recording) *giggle* You have reached the good ship TARDIS. *giggle* We're rather *giggle* busy at the moment, *giggle* *giggle* so leave a message after the beep and we'll try to get back to you before you called. *giggle* Stop that! *giggle* *giggle*
      The Master: We really should change that message.
    • The Master also complains about the Doctor's new (cute, female, of course) companion. The Doctor and the Master are basically married in this. The writer has said that although the Doctor's late former companion was supposed to have been the cause of his giggling, it could be the Master if you want it to be. That probably wasn't taken too seriously at the time, but now that the TV show has made this non-canon, there's nothing that says that can't be true for the offshoot continuity Shalka thus far stands alone in.
      • The original writer for the show has stated that while he didn't intend to imply that the Master and the Doctor were in a relationship, he's very happy with this interpretation, to the point of being a guest on a Doctor/Master panel at a convention.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Dear God, the Shalka. Between the sounds as they're stalking (there's a reason it's what the serial is named after) and the knowledge of what they can DO to you, these guys easily stand up to anything seen in the TV series in terms of how many nights you'll be kept up. This isn't something to watch alone at night, no matter how old you are or how badass you think you are.
    • Specifically, Alison's description of how the Shalka forced her friend to torture herself to death with molten lava is one of the most horrific moments in any Doctor Who canon. How horrific? Alison describes how her friend was forced by the Shalka to spread molten lava on her body, while screaming for the others to help her. They're frozen by the Shalka's sonic control, and can't move to help her as she eventually loses her hands and buries her face in the lava entirely. It's entirely too R-rated for an online-exclusive serial based on a kids show.
  • Retroactive Recognition: David Tennant as a one-line cameo. And we'd hear Sir Derek Jacobi as the Master again, eventually.