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YMMV: School Mermaid
  • Fridge Logic — Suppose that a girl named Hanako is in love with a boy named Tarou. Tarou had the surname Suzuki until two weeks ago, when his mother divorced and took custody of Tarou. His surname was thus legally changed to his mother's maiden name, Watanabe — although he's still listed in the school's records as Tarou Suzuki. If Hanako decides to win Tarou's love by eating a mermaid, does she eat a W or S mermaid?
    • Maybe the spell requires names that were given by birth.
    • If she's Haruko, she eats both.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Yoshiko
  • Magnificent Bastard Haruko
  • Moral Event Horizon
  • Nightmare Retardant — YMMV, but the last page kinda kills the sinister mood a little.
    • Or makes it worse, since we're most likely seeing Yoshiko's mermaid right before Haruko eats her.
  • Paranoia Fuel — For the guys: Your high school sweetheart? Made you fall in love with her via mermaid cannibalism!
    • For everybody: That old acquaintance you lost track of? She tried to do the above, failed, and now swims the corridors of your old high school!
    • Another one for everybody: Your best friend? She plans on winning the guy she likes by setting you up as the victim of an elaborate plan that ends with killing you and eating your flesh.

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