YMMV / Savage

The Comic

The Book
  • Complete Monster: Roderick Whittle may act downright jolly, but this is a mere Mask of Sanity, hiding the fact that Whittle is in fact the infamous Serial Killer Jack the Ripper. We are first introduced to Whittle when 15-year-old Trevor Bentley, trying to escape some robbers, spies him killing a prostitute and performing postmortem breast removal. Trevor manages to escape, but ends up on the same boat as Whittle, bound for the US. Whittle kills the owner of the boat, the man's daughter's fiancée, and eventually the daughter; not before, after Trevor unsuccessfully tries to kill Whittle, whipping the lady. Whittle plans to continue his killing spree in the US, making it seem the work of "savages". Eventually, Whittle also kills a mother and her daughters, at least one of whom was only a teenager; Trevor's Love Interest—later mocking Trevor about how he used her corpse, unbeknownst to him, as a shield against Trevor's bullets; a posse of 8 or 9 men sent to capture or kill him, before placing their dead bodies in macabre positions; and numerous women. He finally tries to kill Trevor and his new love interest, but not before revealing that he has become a sheriff's deputy named "John Carver." With over 20 murders to his name, as well as a taste for Cold-Blooded Torture, cruel and unusual deaths, and possibly even cannibalism, Roderick Whittle is easily one of the most psychotic and sadistic versions of Jack the Ripper ever put into fiction.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In the space of one night, Trevor witnesses his uncle beating his mother, is assaulted by a prostitute and her thugs, hides in a room that a prostiture is murdered and dismembered in, and is chased and captured by her killer: Jack the Ripper.