YMMV / Santino Marella

  • Base-Breaking Character: As time has gone on, the IWC has started to really get annoyed with Santino Marella because anyone who gets involved with him in any sort of feud has the seriousness sucked right out of them for at least a long time. Normally this draws a shrug and a "What a waste" sigh, except when it appears he was threatening to do this to Emma.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Despite his Joke Character status for most of his career, he often receives one of the biggest ovations of the night anytime he appears on RAW, mainly stemming from his underdog status and how damn funny he is.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • After watching this old promo of Santino in the OVW as Boris Alexiev, even the most entrenched fans of his comedic Italian character will acknowledge that his martial artist gimmick was pretty impressive and would have been interesting to see in WWE TV.
    • Even the Santino Marella gimmick evokes this reaction, particularly among those who saw him debut as a goofy but relatively regular character. Many believe his comedic aspect was simply taken too far through the years, and that even when he shows/gains any competence he's still presented as more of a clown than a comedy wrestler.