YMMV / 3-gatsu no Lion

  • Acceptable Professional Targets: A brief jab at Hayashida's salary as a teacher turns up in the same chapter as his first appearance; he correctly assumes that Rei's monthly salary and winnings as a professional shogi player is more than his, immediately irritating him when Rei doesn't deny it.
  • Angel/Devil Shipping: Rei/Kyoko, with Rei being the Angel and Kyoko as the Devil. While there are fans of the work that don't want this to happen precisely because of this dynamic, there are also fans that are excited by the prospect of it once the romantic undertones of their relationship become more overt.
  • Broken Base: When news broke out that Studio Shaft would be doing the anime adaptation, forum threads and comment sections discussing the announcement had a wide variety reactions. There were those who gave positive responses, either out of love for Shaft itself or because they genuinely had faith they could do an adaptation of the series justice. Some approached the news with cautious optimism or trepidation. And lastly, there were those who were outright angered or dismayed, as if them picking the series up would result in some horrendous bukkake of every quirk that Shaft is (in)famous for. When the anime came out, this largely died down, though there are still a few vocal detractors of the manga's readers that dislike Shaft's somewhat less subtle approach to the series.
  • Jerkass Woobie: While Kyoko's actions by no means should be tolerated, it's not hard for readers to see why she turned out that way and sympathize with her.
  • Mind Game Ship: Another way of looking at Rei and Kyoko's relationship, with the latter being the manipulator.
  • Moe: Almost all characters are prone to this perception, sure, but it's as if Momo's purpose as a character extends little past being the primary source of the manga's cuteness.
  • Periphery Demographic: 3gatsu's target demographic is Seinen, but its soft art style and introspective look on life make it accessible to both genders and a wider age range.
  • The Scrappy: Kyoko, who, for the most part, is disliked by the fandom due to her treatment of Rei and her behavior in general.
  • Tear Jerker: Rei's rant/breakdown in Episode 10/Chapter 21. Just about the entirety of that scene.
  • The Woobie:
    • Rei, due to his many personal problems the story reveals through its narrative.
    • Starting from Volume 4, Hina becomes one as she starts falling victim to relentless bullying.