YMMV / Samuel Beckett

  • Nightmare Fuel: Some of his imagery borders on Body Horror and Surreal Horror. More philosophically, the hopeless and entropic worldview he presents can also have this effect on audiences.
    • An early production of his play "Not I", which consists of only a human mouth, lit by a spotlight, speaking jumbled, often cryptic sentences detailing the traumatic biography of a lonely and sad woman with implied Rape as Drama, deliberately removed the lightbulbs from the exit lights and the bathrooms in order to force the audience to stare, transfixed, at the mouth, speaking without stopping, on stage for about ten minutes. According to Billie Whitelaw, who played the Mouth, people tried to escape into the bathrooms because it was so oppressive and distressing, only to find the bathrooms pitch black.
  • Squick: Beckett did not care for sexuality or the human body in general, often presenting them through grotesque and geriatric characters.
  • Tearjerker: Of the despairing, rather than weepy variety. Once you get past (or accept) the overt weirdness, his plays are often very harsh depictions of grief, loneliness, powerlessness and alienation.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Many of his plays make little to no sense on their own.