YMMV / Sally the Witch

  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While not unpopular in its home country, Sally is very popular in Italy (as either Sally la Maga or Un regno magico per Sally, depending on whether it's the first or second series), Poland (as Sally Czarownica) and the Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries (as either La Princesa Sally or Sally la Brujita, again, depending on whether it's the first or second series).
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Sally's 60th anniversary wasn't celebrated in 2016. However, a large influx of Magical Girl anime (including Maho Girls Precure) premiered that year. In essence, Sally's influence and launching of the Magical Girl genre was appreciated in a roundabout way.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • In episode 47, I Want to Be a Witch, when Yoshiko uses magic given to her by Sally's grandmother (long story) to conjure up a mansion and fancy car to invite her brothers over, and snaps at their misbehavior, the triplets begin to sob for their mother, who had died some point before the series, and she appears, and as Yoshiko tries to chase after her mother, she just keeps moving backwards, until Yoshiko breaks down as well. The next scene , Yoshiko and her brothers are back in their home, and appear in front of a shrine for their mother. From someone who has lost their mother, that scene made this trooper shed some tears.
    • The next episode, Sally in a Pinch, after her father makes a bet with God, taking away Sally's magic, her classes lunch money goes missing, which due to unfortunate circumstances, leads the class to believe Sally stole the money. Even Yoshiko and Sumire, her best friends believe she stole it, leading to a sad scene where Sally is crying alone in a park.