YMMV / SaGa 3

  • Awesome Music: Both the Talon's theme and the Palace theme (also used in Pureland).
    • A lot of the themes are basically pure ear worms.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Faye's Japanese Artwork depicts her as looking somewhat like a nun. Her weapon in-game is a rune axe. Fire Emblem Awakening features the Battle Cleric class, which has bene memetically referred to as "NUNS WITH AXES".
  • Inferred Holocaust: The heroes frequently talk of liberating the people of The Floating Continent and Pureland. Then both areas are eventually destroyed and the obvious Fridge Logic is never brought up.
  • NarmCharm: Jorgandr and Xagor is strong against Damage!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Any of the Entity's Elite Mooks and Xagor.
  • That One Boss: Chaos and Agron. Chaos because he has a One-Hit Kill (Stone) and starts off with an earthquake move, and Agron because you had gotten quite used to having a fifth party member - and Agron starts off with an unexpected attack and regularly uses White against the entire party.
  • Woolseyism: While possibly not intentional, the word "The" is often omitted for space constraints. This refers to some characters refering to Talon as "Talon" rather than "The Talon" on occasion... which actually fits. Talon has the brain of Arthur's father in it.