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Sometimes, he will have some tropes that Your Mileage May Vary on. This is the place for those.

  • Acceptable Targets: He will frequently call or compare bad things in game to Detroit.
    Seamus: This place looks like Detroit.
  • Archive Panic: Over 10,000 videos with more uploading each day? Good luck with keeping up with his uploads.
    • 5-20 uploads per day! Nothing else needs to be mentioned.
  • Author's Saving Throw: As a result of the backlash to his Grand Theft Auto V finale (see Base Breaker and Broken Base below), Seamus apologized and did a second finale with the ending those upset originally wanted.
  • Broken Base: A, B, or C? Because somebody spoiled the criteria for the good ending to Grand Theft Auto V, Seamus didn't pick C which caused a broken base among fans and viewers.
  • Internet Backdraft: See Broken Base above. Seamus basically had to deal with a broken base against him and the base itself leading Seamus to cave in to them and apologize for causing the broken base.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Tends to ignore plot for the most part in games.
  • Troll: Not him, but one of his pictures of Trollax.
    • It's easy to tell which videos Seamus is indulging in this himself when he's filming himself, the Snorlax will be upside down. For videos he's taking seriously, the Snorlax will be right-side up.
    • In fact, one of his vlog videos, titled "I Don't Wear The Same Shirt Every Day" had him with five different shirts of the same design. It would seem like its one of these, but a quick pan over his stuff that he got revealed Snorlax was right-side up, meaning the video was serious.
    • He even has a series of videos called "Troll ______ Troll" where he plays games in a specific way to poke fun at commenters who tell him he's playing the game wrong.

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