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YMMV: Ryu Ga Gotoku
  • Complete Monster: A strong contender for top of the list is Kyohei Jingu, who was not only willing to kill a reporter to cover up his past romance after marrying into power, but was also quite eager to kill his former mistress and daughter to ensure there wouldn't be another close call.
  • Crazy Awesome: Goro Majima. Completely off his rocker and loving it.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Kazuma does these with alarming frequency, as does most of the cast. A few good examples include, surviving numerous gun battles with limited or no access to firearms, defeating well over a dozen elite enforcers, assassins and government agents, and finally, killing two tigers with a punch to the skull and a hammer blow to the groin respectively.
    • He can also take on lions in the arena, for Christ's sake!
    • Another such moment from the second game is Goro Majima taking on a contingent of Sengoku's Kansai gangsters single-handedly... and winning. Kazuma can follow the trail of trashed thugs all the way to Majima himself in the aftermath.
    • Another in the second game. Daigo Dojima gets one for fighting Ryuji Goda first before Kazuma. Considering Ryuji's role here, that's pretty impressive and goes to show that Daigo's sticking around for this game.
    • In Yakuza 3, Kazuma becomes an internationally known badass. so much so that the CIA shuttles him around in a prototype spy plane to help track down an intelligence unit gone rogue.
    • Again in Yakuza 3: at the climax of the game, Kazuma, Mine and a currently comatose Daigo Dojima are cornered on a rooftop by Richardson and his henchmen. Things look bad, and then Daigo rolls off his hospital cart, picks up Mine's gun and takes out two of the goons before shooting Richardson, proclaiming "I can't afford to die just yet".
    • In 3, Nakahara, the tubby, wrinkled patriarch of the Ryudo Family, FLIPS A BULL BY THE HORNS. WHILE RECOVERING FROM A GUNSHOT WOUND. Holy crap! Kazuma repeats the same insane feat moments later to prove no one can take his status as the king of badass.
    • Hell's Floor, the final boss finisher Kazuma can learn in 3: a German suplex, followed by an arm bar, followed by a triangle choke, followed by an ANACONDA choke, followed by a GUILLOTINE choke, finished with a mounted punch to the face. Just the chokes would probably leave the opponent's trachea reduced to the consistency of burger.
    • This HEAT action from Kenzan!... while it can be used in any fight after learning it from a Revelation, the timing, setting and music are just perfect; the only downer is that it wasn't the killing blow.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "I peacocked your mom." This being said by a frustrated Kazuma to one of the many, many people he beats up.
    • Majima's bomb disposal technique culminates in playing the Japanese version of eeny-meeny-miney-moe.
    • Also "TITS! TITS! TITS!" and in the same sidequest you can spot yakuzas wearing diapers and behaving like babies.
    • All the revelations in the third game. No exception.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: A great deal many. 3, specifically, has loads of them between Kazuma and his kids. These moments can also overlap with someone getting the living shit beat out of them by an angry Kazuma protecting his kids. DO NOT fuck with Kazuma's kids. EVER.
    • Some of the moments with the kids include: teaching Shiro to stand up to his bully (the teacher's child, making Izumi feel better about not having a mom or dad by showing her she has a real family (Izumi ran away before dinner. Kazuma told the kids to not worry about waiting for them and that they could begin eating. When they got back to the orphanage, they all waited on Izumi to return before she began eating) and trying to make Mitsuo look cooler so he could impress Riona (another girl at the orphanage).
    • Goh Hamazaki of all people gets one in the forth game. In the third game he reacts with scorn to Kazuma's speech about redemption, stabbing him in the gut before asking 'where his redemption is now'. In the forth game he is obviously touched by Saejima's concern and declarations of brotherhood during their jailbreak and ends up mortally wounded saving him, after he could have quite easily left Saejima behind and got away scot free. Perhaps having a Heel Realisation, he then tells Saejima to find Kazama when he gets to the mainland and that 'he's a good guy' before taking the sadistic guard with him and allowing Saejima to escape. What really drives it home is Kazuma's reaction when he hears the name. Haruka states that she cannot forgive Hamazaki for what he did, which leads Kazuma to state that if Hamazaki came to him today and asked for forgiveness, he would give it without question. Knowing that as nasty a guy as Hamazaki finally managed to earn the qualities that Kazuma tried to inspire just warms the heart.
    • In the second game, Kawara's story of helping Suyeon, a Korean woman who lost everything in one night, is touching as someone who is often seen as a hardass reveals he really went out of his way to give her a new start on life. It eventually led to the birth of their daughter, Karou. If you thought that was it, he then reassures Kaoru herself that she does not have the blood of a criminal in her veins but that of Suyeon, a hard working and loving woman and all this happens during Kawara's Heroic Sacrifice which doubles as a Tear Jerker...Holy crap
    • In Dead Souls Akiyama goes to collects a debt from a father who borrowed money to send his daughter that he abandoned to college and his test was giving the money to the daughter himself. However it turns out he was turned into a zombie. But he leaves the money he owes Akiyama in an envelope with a letter thanking Akiyama for his help.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: There's quite a few in the games, but one in particular plays during the duel between Kazuma and Nishiki, setting the tone for the fight.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Goro Majima, the series' personification of Crazy Awesome.
    • Hiroshi Hayashi is this to some degree as he was just another soldier to the Omi Family that got his ass kicked by Kazuma and somehow managed to come back in the second game with plenty of new fancy moves.
    • Gunman Kazuto Arase. He returns as a sidequest boss in 3, and in Of The End he can become an ally.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • The random mooks in the streets may sometimes be this, especially if you're trying to progress to the plot. They even chase you down just to pick a fight. You can NEVER run away from these encountered once started.
    • Mooks with stunguns in particular. You can't block them without a weapon equipped, and they stun you for about a full second, THEN you fall to the ground. They don't do much damage, but it's just irritating.
    • The monkey boys in Dead Souls, They are Fragile Speedsters without the fragile part and they are not only hard to shoot but they also take a lot hits before they finally die.... Again.. They've got a grapple attack the holds you in place for other enemies AND causes damage. They are also the most common of the mutant zombies. The only thing keeping them from being Demonic Spiders is the fact their offensive capabilities are pretty mediocre at best.
      • And also the fact that if you kick them they go down hard, and stay down for a good 10 seconds, letting you unload with impunity in their carcass.
  • Goddamned Boss: Kanda in the third game. While not particularly difficult, there will be a point when he will always go for a random piece of forniture in the room and use it as a weapon, which makes Kazuma fall on the floor with one hit. And the room is full of furniture for him to use.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In the first game, finishing the last enemy in a group with a HEAT action ends the round before the HEAT bar gets drained, meaning you could get an extra HEAT action. Since HEAT was slightly harder to build up in the early game, this was particularly welcome.
  • Idiot Plot: The plot of Yakuza 4 is kicked off by the fact that Akiyama leaves 100 billion yen in an easily accessible safe in his office. The only security is that the safe requires a button to be opened... which is hidden behind the most prominent book on his shelf. The antagonists of the game found it completely by accident (the office wasn't even locked).
  • Jerkass / The Scrappy: Koji Shindo from the second game is one of your lieutenants, but seems to have absolutely no redeeming qualities. He betrays you later on and you get to kick his ass
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • One subquest involves Kazuma fleeing for his manhood from a trio of drag queens. With dire consequences should he fail.
    • The scene in the first game when Nishiki is punishing his underlings for Killing the supposed Mizuki is scary.
    • Then we have a scene towards the end of the third game, when calm and collected Mine suddenly flips out and stabs one of his men's hand with a dinner knife, yelling out in rage. It really catches you by surprise.
  • Sidetracked By Club SEGA: Some have spent a lot of time in the arcades in the games.
  • Spiritual Licensee:
    • With its open world setting, plot of revenge, uniquely Japanese aesthetic, and incredible time wasting potential, quite a few fans consider this series as Shenmue done right from a financial perspective.
    • Others think it's a grown up River City Ransom due to it combining RPG elements with Beat 'em Up action.
  • Tear Jerker: For a series filled with many CMOAs and Badasses, it sure has its equal share of moments that would at least give a few tears. One example is the death of Shintaro Fuma, who despite revealing his darkest secret to Kazuma, is forgiven and considered to be the only parent figure from the latter. Worst of all, Fuma likely passed before Kaumza finished telling him this.
    • Rikiya's death in 3 is also pretty weep-inducing, especially since Kazuma actually turns on the waterworks when it happens. When someone as badass as Kazuma is reduced to tears, you can't help but follow suit.
    • Kawara's death in the second game, especially when the gang finds out He is Kaoru's father, taking a bullet for her that would eventually killed him. Poor Kaoru
      • And then after losing her dad, Kaoru gets a second dose of sadness when she finds out Ryuji Goda is in fact her half-brother- and then has to watch him take on Kazuma in a final showdown. Discovering family members only to lose them, she probably needs therapy. And more beer.
  • Too Cool to Live: Rikiya. God damn it.

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