YMMV / Ryan Reynolds

  • He Really Can Act: Definitely, Maybe and Buried both received positive reviews from critics, particularly about Reynolds' acting. Not to mention his performance in Smokin' Aces, especially in the final scene.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Green Lantern was married to Black Widow. So was Deadpool!
  • Mis-blamed: For a time, this happened to him due to Green Lantern''s lackluster reception, by none other than the Deadpool fandom; after Green Lantern's release, many fanboys began bashing Reynolds for his acting and decrying how he 'ruined Green Lantern' and would most certainly ruin Deadpool, though Ryan Reynolds' acting was one of the few things fans and critics liked in the film. You'd think they wouldn't have needed to worry considering Reynolds had been previously praised for being perfect for Deadpool, but apparently some people had short memories. Fortunately for everyone involved, Reynold's performance in the actual Deadpool movie was received with near-universal acclaim, with most fans hoping that Reynolds will continue to play the character until he is no longer physically capable of such.