YMMV / Runes of Magic

  • Alt-itis There's eight classes! And any of them can be either gender! And there's like, ten sliders to determine your character's body type! And the hairstyle! Oh, so many hairstyles to choose from....
    • Fun fact: ignoring race & gender, there are 24 different two-class combinations you can choose. That's assuming a Rogue/Mage and a Mage/Rogue don't count as two.
  • Cliché Storm
  • Critical Research Failure: Boars appear as passive herbivores that are perfectly fine with people running up and making loud noises next to them, and only fight if attacked.
    • For a couple of months at the start of the game, players could mine for "brass ore." A patch renamed it to zinc ore, which makes significantly more sense.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Most of the soundtrack gives the perfect feel for where the player is. Which is pretty damn good for an MMORPG. Forsaken Abbey and Mystic Altar Gates to name a few.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: A charge leveled by the some fans after every. single. patch.