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YMMV: Rune Factory 3
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Shara: Is she a sweet, innocent angel who only cares for your well-being? or is she a Manipulative Bitch who has her family guilt trip you into marrying her? It doesn't help that she becomes rather nasty at times when you marry her.
  • Character Tiers: Up to you to decide, but some of the villagers don't seem to be as useful as the others in a fight, due to their attacking AI.
    • Raven is probably in the top tier, what with her fast melee attacks, fireball spam, ability to heal, innate fire resistance and transformation into her phoenix form for even MORE fireball spam.
    • Shara is relegated to being The Medic. If you bring her out, she mostly stands back and heals you.
    • Collette's tendency to throw you food items can be helpful—until you realize that some foods have negative effects like poisoning or paralyzing you.
      • If you think such food is useless, remember that you can feed the enemy anything.
      • Problem is, she only throws food to you.
    • Zaid seems to be the local equivalent of Leeroy Jenkins. His AI tends to be far too aggressive, leading to Attack! Attack! Attack! and him charging into groups of enemies and fainting quickly.
  • Demonic Spider: Arguably, the spirit family of monsters, which spam the screen with projectiles and can only be hurt while they attack.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Although she's not the canon heroine, Toona (aka Raven) has found considerable popularity amongst the fanbase, with much more fanart of her produced than the other characters. Persia (Pia) is a close runner-up.
    • Gaius is also pretty popular.
    • A JP wiki on the game ran a poll asking users to vote for their favorite heroine: most of the other ladies scored in the 300s, while Toona and Persia scored 1400+ and 900+ votes respectively.
    • Raven is in the first OP, is the second characters that Micah meets, and is constantly plugged by the main heroine as being adorable. She's not a Darkhorse. Pia, Sofia, and Daria, on the other hand...
  • Game Breaker: The Sharance Maze under your home. Accessible once you beat Raccoon, it provides the player with obscene amounts of money, item drops, experience and skill grinding—all with no penalty if you faint if you use the wireless multiplayer option. Furthermore, if you use the multiplayer option, no time passes at all. Feeding Super Fail to large enemies is also broken.
    • High-level hammer + Millionstrike or Grand Impact skill seal + Lucky Strike = Kill anything that isn't a boss in one attack (Or kill anything that isn't a Sharance Maze boss in four).
    • Oil + Explosion spell = Anything that doesn't absorb fire magic dies in five shots or less. Anything.
    • Scrap Iron, believe it or not. It's incredibly difficult to work worth, beaten only by platinum from ores. This means that once you're able to, you can make useless gear you plan on selling and...*ahem*...upgrade them. You get a ludicrous amount of experience for using them as upgrade materials, and the value of the item being upgraded (surprisingly) goes up. And it probably helps by being more common than dirt. Just make sure not to give them to anyone or use them yourself (even if the lowered stats aren't that bad).
  • Hell Is That Noise: Shara's giggle has been described as this.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: One of Carmen's (Ion's) quests involves her asking what sorts of girls you like. One question is if you prefer plump or slender girls, and she's happiest if you say you like plump girls. She must be talking plump in the chest, because she's certainly not plump in the waist!
  • Ho Yay: With Carlos and Micah. Give him a gift he loves on his birthday and he'll ask if he can kiss you (though you do decline). Not to mention when he tells the main character to stare at him instead of the ladies during the Beach Festival.
    • The Beach Festival seems more like he's just trying to make sure you're not looking at the ladies, one of whom is his sister.
    • Gaius and Micah. Giving him a valuable ore prompts him to ask if there's "any hidden meaning to this", with Micah becoming visibly flustered. His responses to your "proposal" are similarly teasing.
      • Which is to say nothing about some of the times he openly teases Micah out of the blue.
    • Zaid is also very fond of Micah, trying to get him to go on "manly" adventures, demanding you compliment his eyes, and getting flustered rather than insulted if you 'propose.' Maybe it's a dwarven thing?
    • For Les Yay, we have Shara and Raven constantly telling Micah how cute and special the other is and Shara's Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with Kuruna. Collette and Marian also spend a lot of time together and if Micah woos one, she'll comment on how she normally dreams of the other. Raven is also pretty close to Karina and Sofia, and one could even make a case for Pia and Sakuya.
  • Memetic Mutation: "FRY HIRE! FRY HIRE! Ret Rings of Rove Come Frying Over Me!"
  • Moe: Pia and almost every girl from this game could fit into this category.
  • Most Annoying Sound: After hearing Monica's "Gaaaaauuuuu!" for the umpteenth time, you'll feel like taping her mouth shut.
    • Players who dislike Pia would feel like stabbing her repeatedly for every "La la la~" and "HEY HO!" they get when she passes by.
    • RAINBOW!
  • Narm: If you marry Raven, it is possible to trigger her birth cutscene when she is in phoenix form. Impossible not to laugh as she groans and Micah rushes her to the clinic.
    • It is also possible to propose to her while in phoenix form. For an added laugh, have Micah give her the ring while he's in wooly form as well.
  • Nintendo Hard: Good luck with the bean festival on your first year. The mini game has you build up combos by hitting beans and avoiding failed dishes. Sounds simple eh? Until you realize the beans travel down screen faster than you can run, let alone the beans are tiny pixels. If you get hit by a failed dish your combo resets. If you want to even place in the top three, just quit then. Fortunately, the pattern never changes but you have to make such rapid movements that once the screen is filled with beans, you likely get screwed by the double tap dash mechanic a lot. Its easier in year two though if you have the rocket or wing boots that speed you up. To get first place you have score 7k to be comfortable as the NPCs tend to score through most of the 6k range.
  • The Scrappy: Zaid.
  • That One Attack: Most bosses have one, especially after they Turns Red. Raccoon's Leaf Boomerang, Skelefang's Bone Throw, Greater Demon's five earth spike combo, etc, etc.
  • That One Boss: Most bosses apply, especially if you don't know their attack patterns. Some of them that take Spam Attack to unimaginable levels (Skelefang, Terror Tree, Siren) are particularly bad examples.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: For Rusk and your character.
  • The Woobie: Raven. Let's see: First, she talks about being cursed. Then she reveals that her friends tend to vanish. Then reveals that she's half-phoenix and is really lonely. Then you take her on a date to the waterfall and she mentions she's never had a family, and is obviously lonely. It's really hard not to marry her after that one.
    • She's also clingy towards you, constantly asking you to reaffirm your love for her and fearing you'll stop loving her.

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