YMMV / Run–D.M.C.

  • Awesome Ego: Badass Boasts all over the place, and they've made millions of old school fans hang on every word.
  • Covered Up: "Walk This Way" is more famous as the rap/rock hybrid than as Aerosmith's original.
  • Dork Age: Back From Hell, where they attempt to keep up with the times and emulate the production style of Public Enemy. It really didn't pan out. They found a much more effective sound again with Down With The King.
  • Epic Riff: "Rock Box", "Walk This Way", "King Of Rock"
  • Funny Moments: The random, but well-placed, Sam Kinison sample in "Beats To The Rhyme". Particularly funny because when it appears in the middle of the song, you might expect it's only going to be used once... Then in the last few seconds of the song, it repeats it three times in a row for a near Cluster F-Bomb effect.
  • Older Than They Think: Amazingly, the group predated their own groundbreaking song's gimmick with "Rock Box." Not only was it the first known rap rock song, but it was even the first rap video aired on MTV.
  • Seasonal Rot: Most agree this happened by the end of the 80s, although it's up for debate whether this includes Tougher Than Leather.
  • Signature Song: "Walk This Way", their Aerosmith collaboration, and "It's Tricky" from Raising Hell, as well as "It's Like That" from Run-D.M.C. and "King of Rock" from King of Rock.