YMMV / Rumble Fighter

Broken Base: The Rumble Fighter community itself! Rumble Fighter seems to attract jerks, trolls, sore losers that ragequit after losing fair in square or racists. Hell sometimes when a player goes to a room or boots up Rumble Fighter first thing in the morning they can see racism in the text at the top of the screen or see somebody (well the text of that somebody anyway) raging at someone usually for a petty reason. Some people on the game put "9-0 EZ scrub" as a way of offending someone who loses to them.

Evil Is Sexy: The Succubus boss in the second part of the Vladimir Castle adventure mode. Strangely there is little to no fan art of her.

Ensemble Darkhorse: One of the Game Monitors/Masters named GM: La Beba was rather popular around the community for the time Rumble Fighter was still on the OG Planet website as were some of the others.

Expy: The Succubus looks really similar to Morrigan from Darkstalkers Here are two pictures. Here and here (The Succubus one is fan made but it's accurate). They even make ...those noises when fighting (though the only time the Succubus moans is when she loses all of her health).

That One Level: The Moonlight Valley stage was always the one most people picked because of all of the open areas. It was very easy to knock someone off the stage at the first second of the match if they were fast enough. Needless to say, this caused a lot of rage quits, especially since people preferred this over health depletion. It didn't help that people just weren't allowed to have revival items like Wings or Halos (which revived the player if they were knocked off) equipped on them (because people wanted to win easily) and that most rooms would only have this stage being played on. It was basically this games version of Final Destination. Moonlight Valley, fighting only, no items.