YMMV / Rucka Rucka Ali

  • Acceptable Targets: Pretty much everyone.
  • Broken Base: It all depends on whether you view his work as a Crosses the Line Twice or a tasteless mess.
  • Crosses the Line So Many Times That We've Lost Count
  • Ear Worm: Several of his songs are based on and sound similar to popular songs that were Ear Worms themselves so this is a given. What makes it worse is that getting caught singing the lyrics to any of Rucka's songs in public will likely get you some dirty looks at best and a generous beating at worst.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Osama Bin Found" from 2011 mentions Donald Trump getting into the White House.
  • Internet Backdraft: YouTuber KSI did a video where he reacted to one of Rucka's songs based around racial humor and found the song "too racist" to be funny, and in response Rucka ended up copyright claiming the video KSI made and gloating about how he's taking the money being made off the video. The response towards Rucka after this action has not been kind, especially since it appeared Rucka claimed the video simply because he didn't like what KSI said about him (in addition to attempting to further bait KSI with racially charged comments on Twitter), something that will instantly earn anyone hate on YouTube especially in the wake of the copyright claiming scandal involving Derrick Savage.