YMMV: Royal Rumble

  • Broken Base, Contested Royal Rumble
    • 2014 ended with a floodgate of resentment against the WWE over the apparent shafting of Daniel Bryan in the Rumble, alongside a lackluster performance of the rest of the other matches, and Batista winning the event for a second time. To put this into perspective, Bryan's match against Bray Wyatt (which the former lost) was largely declared "Match of the Night". Although it didn't rule him out on being excluded from the Royal Rumble, as the number of entrants appeared and Bryan became a no-show, other superstars (like fan favorite and perpetual-Face Rey Mysterio) were met with boos when they appeared...yes, BOOS; no other Royal Rumble in its 20+ year history ended with hisses and jeers from the audience, be it Smarks or not.
      • As if that wasn't enough, when the event went off the air, with people doing the "NO!" chants, Batista starts mocking Bryan and flips off the crowd.
      • Even Mick Foley would take to Twitter to criticize WWE management:
      "Does WWE actually hate their own audience? I've never been so disgusted with a PPV."
    • History repeats itself as the 2015 Royal Rumble also ended with the live crowd loudly booing winner Roman Reigns in similar fashion, including chants for Bryan long after his elimination (including a CM Punk chant, despite his departure from the company). This has produced a similarly split reaction, with some fans angry at the company as a whole for more or less Retconning what happened in the previous year, others angry at the creative team (but not at Reigns) for derailing Bryan's return momentum, and another group simply happy with how things turned outnote . The Rock coming out to support his cousin's victory and endorsing it didn't stop the jeers. That's right: one of the most popular and beloved wrestlers of all time couldn't calm down the raging crowd.
      • The crowd start booing the moment Bryan was eliminated. Oddly enough, when Dean Ambrose made his entry, things started winding down a bit. With his elimination, the outcome became more obvious. The appearance of last hope Dolph Ziggler also got cheers and heavy support, that also died down when he was eliminated.
      • Worth noting that near the end of the match there were "We Want Rusev!" chants. That's right, Rusev; fans would rather have had an anti-American Heel win over Reigns. Irony ensues, when the crowd in the 2014 Rumble cheered on Reigns to win when he and Batista were the last ones in the match.
      • The negative reaction was so massive that #CancelWWENetwork became the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide, with many subscribers canceling their submissions the website couldn't handle the traffic and got a denial-of-service. Needless to say, the 2015 Royal Rumble may have become the tipping point.
      • To top it off, the PPV was in Philadelphia. Truth of the matter is, had anyone short of Bryan, Ambrose, or Ziggler had won, the crowd wouldn't have gone home happy. The fact that it was Reigns means that while most fans around the world were mad, Philly was going to be downright impossible to placate.
  • Fridge Logic: Curtis Axel in 2015. He was attacked by Erick Rowan before he was able to enter the ring. He was never eliminated at the Royal Rumble. WWE later stated that he was "ineligible to compete."
    • Fridge Brilliance: There's a rule regarding this: if an entrant fails to make it into the ring before the next entrant comes out, they're eliminated.