YMMV / Rosebush

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Quite a few characters fall under this.
    • Is David a Jerkass Woobie, or is he using his Freudian Excuse to justify his jealous, possessive behaviour over Jane?
    • LANGLEY. Is she a Broken Bird, pure evil, or did the psychological stress of watching her mother die tip her over the edge?

  • Jerkass Woobie: David. He bullies Jane and overreacts to things like her getting an internship, behaving as though it's a major betrayal. He also takes advantage of a drunken Sloan at the party, which not only devastates Jane but also upsets Kate. However, he does seem to care about Jane and he has a Freudian Excuse.

  • Moral Event Horizon: It's hard to say when Langley crosses this; she tries to kill Jane for for pretty petty reasons, she manipulates Jane, Kate, Ollie and several other characters for a long time, she pushes her own grandfather down the stairs, hospitalising him, because he wouldn't buy her a new car. And she bugs Jane's room, and comments on how amusing it was to watch her freak out and convince everyone she's crazy.
    • Arguably, Jane's previous boyfriend Liam crossed it when he started dating Jane just to keep her quiet about her suspicion that Bonnie's death was not suicide.
    • Although Langley dismisses it, it's implied that her grandfather raped her mother, his ''daughter''. Langely says he mother was a whore, but considering her mother chose to flee to Arizona with her infant daughter and live in poverty rather than face her parents, it seems unlikely Langley's mother was a willing participant.

  • Paranoia Fuel: A lot of things that happen in the book, especially since Jane keeps seeing and hearing threats, but is plagued with self-doubt and told she's imagining it or reacting badly to her medication. Plus the concept of being watched that appears frequently throughout the novel.