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YMMV: Rooster Teeth
  • Badass Decay:
    • Mogar suffers this in Let's Play Minecraft episode 48 when Ryan forces Michael to run. Gavin mocks him by calling him "Rungar".
    • MARK NUTT suffers this in VS episode 13 when Ray runs circles around Gavin in London 2012. Even Gavin is embarrassed.
    • Among the guys, Ray believed that he had suffered from this himself, related to his ability to win the Tower of Pimps. Whereas the early days had him win it practically every other week or so (to the point that some viewers complained it was unfair to the others), Ray's wins started to come less frequently as Ryan and Jack Took a Level in Badass. After episode 61, it got to the point where he would never win the Tower of Pimps (he came close to winning the game in "Mad King Ryan" before Ryan changed the parameters to win and he had his victory taken away by Gavin, of all people). It took until Episode 101 for him to reclaim the Tower, a full 40 episodes (19 competitions) after his last win (and over 9 months later, for viewers).
  • Base Breaker:
    • Ryan Haywood in Achievement Hunter for his recent winning streak in Let's Play Minecraft (as mentioned in Broken Base below), with a portion of AH fans getting sick of him for his heavy Loophole Abuse.
    • Recently, #FeministRoosterTeeth vs #Hugs4Ray exemplify the way that Ray could be seen as this; some people believe he, above the other Achievement Hunters, has gone too far with some of his jokes. In recent videos Ray can be seen trying to appease the latter side of the fanbase, as in Let's Play Minecraft episode 82 where he says, "I punch like a girl," but immediately backtracks, "A little girl. Not a woman. Women are strong."
    • Jack Pattillo gets a lot more unnecessary hate comments than the others on their YouTube videos. Most of it is because, one, since he's usually The Quiet One, they find him not as funny as the others, and two, he has a tendency to win a lot of Achievement Horse/Pig/Hunt and Let's Play Minecraft episodes. Some people even used Jack's notable absence in "Michael's Heist", which was the first heist to be a real success, as an excuse to say something in the lines of "Get rid of Jack".
      • Both the above reasons are incredibly stupid though. One, it's been said that whenever Jack does something funny, it's become one of the group's more memorable funny moments. (e.g. "Surprise, Motherfucker!" followed by falling into a hole in Minecraft.) Two, usually whenever Jack competes, he usually competes rather skillfully compared to the other Hunters without resorting to cheap tactics or dumb moves. Also, considering that Jack co-founded Achievement Hunter, he's definitely not going away anytime soon.
    • Parts of the fanbase tends to react badly whenever someone other than the main six AH crewmen appears in a video (Kerry Shawcross and Lindsay Tuggey being the most common). The announcement that Lindsay would be permanently joining the AH crew went over exactly as well as you'd expect. AH is aware of the negativity and has merely mocked the haters.
    • Lindsay, Ashley and Meg Turney are mostly liked by the fans, although there are a very vocal group of sexist fans who believe they only got their jobs by dating someone in the company. See Unfortunate Implications.
    • Caleb fell into this after he screen-looked and stole some fish. Some thought it was funny, others were less than amused. Poor guy still can't catch a break.
  • Broken Base:
    • Some people's reaction to The Gauntlet falls into this. They either think it was a great idea or really annoying.
      • The divide has increased in 2013, with fans of the show now split between those who were glad there was a second season and those who thought that one season was enough, on top of the already existing Broken Base.
    • Caleb cheating in Minecraft is either funny or extremely irritating. This carries over to the company itself.
    • In response to the Dude, Not Funny! below, people are torn between it being another case of "Gavin gets his in the end" and thinking the others went too far in trying to win.
    • In episode 32, a little one popped up when Geoff jumped into the pig pen from episode 27 to find the brown wool. Michael stepped in and ended it.
    • In episode 35, people think that Gavin is either going too far, or giving everyone their just desserts (particularly for the Wool episode). We'll explain below.
    • Achievement Hunter's monthly Coming Soon series and its host, Kdin Jenzen. Those who like the series find Jenzen to be direct and to the point, descriptive, and entertaining in his own way, while finding the series to be well-edited and another great addition to the Achievement Hunter lineup. Those who don't find Jenzen as bland, boring, and too much of a Motor Mouth, and the series to be nothing more than a monthly variation of AHWU without the famed Rooster Teeth sense of humor, thus seeing the series as weak and unnecessary.
    • The announcement of the Let's Play YouTube channel, with some thinking that splitting up their content into different channels make things easier to maintain and some thinking that with each one split away, it makes the main RT channel obsolete, despite just losing just Let's Play videos.
    • Ray's domination of VS either makes him more of a badass than he already is, or makes the series dull and predictable. Died down though after his long winning streak ended and the challengers made more interesting game decisions.
    • Ryan's four-win streak in Let's Play Minecraft in which that for two consecutive episodes he won by building a high tower to the sky making him out of the other Hunters' reach, causing viewers to debate over whether or not he played fair.
    • Longer Things to Do in... episodes versus shorter Things to Do in... episodes. To recap, Things to Do in... started out as short videos, but then became progressively longer as each episode was published, eventually becoming short-length or even full-length Let's Play videos. Then, a number of fans complained about the length of them, and thus they became shorter again starting with Things to Do in GTA V - "Dish Jump". This received a backlash from the rest of the fanbase, who complained about the videos going back to their short form. Short-length fans say that the whole point of Things to Do in... is just to show what players can do in during their spare time in a video game, and longer episodes should be reserved for "real" Let's Play videos. Longer-length fans says that these videos should be entertaining, as watching the AH crew in a longer video is a lot more enjoyable than trying to have fans replicate what the AH crew did after watching a shorter video. So now we have a long versus short war going on with no end in sight.
      • Also, Things to Do in... becoming too GTA-focused for some, as more recent videos show an increasing lack of creativity in their concepts, which is causing several commentators to ask for a return to Things to Do in Minecraft or just the old Things to Do in... episodes involving recent games. Three videos in particular have prompted these complaints: "Cool Down", a gag video where the Fake AH Crew gets sprayed by a fire truck while visiting shops; "Fast Cash", another gag video whose concept makes no sense whatsoever; and "Car Wash", a short video that's just Michael driving the Crew, who are hanging from the sides of a Granger SUV, into the vertical scrubbers of an automated car wash (and an excuse for Lindsay to flex her video-editing muscles). The popularity of "Achievement Knievel" may also be to blame for helping make Things to Do in... completely focused on GTA V.
      • The seemingly never-ending GTA focus finally ended (at least for now) with a Things to Do in... episode involving Watch_Dogs in late June 2014.
    • Geoff in the New Super Mario Bros U playthrough. His blatant trolling is either a hilarious experience or frustrating to watch.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Ryan's treatment of Edgar often falls under this.
    • Jack's phone number being given out at RTX 2013 by Joel.
      • Well, Joel had switched the SIM cards for Jack's phone and gave out the new number, so it is all fine.
    • The AH guys gunning down horses in "Bear Puncher". The whole premise itself, really, given how they are going out of their way and punching a bear to death.
    • Ryan joking that Murder Is the Best Solution in The Gauntlet, which itself led to a series of jokes about how if a team gets eliminated he then kills them.
  • Dude, Not Funny!:
    • Many people were not too thrilled over the events of the end of Let's Play Minecraft episode 32. Gavin was close to victory when the others decide to team up and stop him. Michael gives a vial of squid ink to Geoff, but never uses it himself, leading to Geoff winning the round. It's usual Rooster Teeth antics, really, but fans found it exceedingly unfair that Gavin lost when he was that close to winning. Michael even admits in the later DeathCraft II Part 2 video that they were maybe too mean to him there. It should be pointed out though that Michael was really the only one actively trying to screw over Gavin. Geoff never told the others to throw the game to him, Jack killed Gavin once in retaliation for insulting him, and Ray killed Gavin once because he was distracted.
    • When Gavin destroys Jack and Geoff's beds in Let's Play Minecraft episode 35, the only one that found it funny was Gavin. Everyone else felt that he Kicked The Dog.
    • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 47, the crew finds a secret room in Gavin's house that he calls the "Chamber of Victories", wherein he has a private Tower of Pimps and several notes around it. While their reactions are initially funny, they very quickly delve into bullying Gavin for having the room, with him genuinely sounding upset and them laughing at him for it. Michael even mentioned it several other times after that moment, which seemed to be for no reason other than to laugh at him. This entire sequence especially hits hard for those who have been bullied and/or have low self-esteem.
      • He has since tweeted that he made it specifically for them to find, implying that he was simply acting.
    • "Connect the Hots", a game Gavin and Geoff play that was discussed in Podcast #222 and Let's Build #9: Portal House. If they saw an attractive woman on their way to work, and she was facing right, they would go right. If they see another attractive woman facing left, they would go left. Rinse, repeat until their destination was reached. The fandom interpreted that as stalking, and the ensuing blowback prompted Geoff to remove all mentions of CTH and issue an apology. It was explained in greater detail on the podcast (in the Let's Build Geoff had made it sound like they followed the girl until they found another one) that they didn't follow the girl, but the way it was explained on the Let's Build made everyone take it as them stalking the girl. Heck, even on the podcast everyone else thought it was creepy.
    • Gavin being ambushed/attacked/whatever when he's on the verge of winning fits in with this. Many think it's completely unfair that he gets close to winning and everyone attacks him for the express purpose of making sure he doesn't win. The two most well-known examples of this are in Let's Play Minecraft episodes 32 (caption above) and 58, where a similar thing happened to him. However, it should be pointed out that some view this as Laser-Guided Karma to Gavin because he has regularly frustrated the Achievement Hunter crew with his trolling.
      • Actually, episode 58 is not an example. In episode 32, Michael kept killing Gavin to help Geoff win the game. In episode 58, on the other hand, Michael, Jack, and Ryan only went after Gavin because he was trying to win the round and they immediately turned on one another when Gavin was killed. Also, had Gavin won the round, he would not have gained the Tower because he had not won a single round before that.
    • Gavin's frequent trolling has created something of a Base Breaker with the audience. There are people that feel that his attempts to frustrate the others are no longer funny and are, occasionally, painfully annoying. For example, in Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV "Cops 'n Robbers Part 3", Gavin continuously tries to screw over his teammates Ray and Michael. At one point, Gavin reaches the getaway vehicle before Ray and Michael and then tries to drive away before either can get on. Gavin then tries to ride around on the boat to mess with Michael, who is struggling to get on, when he accidentally drives the boat onto the shore and gets it stuck there, which means that Team Lads automatically lose the round, despite the fact that they had practically won that round. He tries to justify it in "Cannon Ball Run" by stating that as they had been winning repeatedly, losing would be more fun; Michael and Ray were not impressed and Michael promptly tosses Gavin off of Team Lads for a short time.
    • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 87, the basement of the impromptu hospital is known as a "crematorium" for having a lot of ovens. Not the best terminology.
    • Some might find Kerry's hazing in the Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V episode "Enter the Dragonface" as being tantamount to bullying, especially since apparently he has been kicked out of Fake AH Crew weeks later, so it appears that it was all for naught. Worse, at least twenty people liked the Rockstar Games Social Club status update that announced Kerry's removal from the crew.
  • Ear Worm: Near the end of "Achievement Knievel" when they pull off the "money shot", everyone shouts with whoas and woo-hoos, and Ryan yells, "I'm still in the air!" upon being launched high into the sky by Jack's jet. This line and everyone's shouting was replayed five more times in a row.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • X-Ray and Vav. The two were originally spawned when Gavin accidentally said his name was "Vav" and he wondered if anyone called Ray "X-Ray." Since then, every achievement video the two do has them in their alter-egos. The duo is extremely popular on YouTube and their return was well-received.
    • Ray himself is an Ensemble Dark Horse for the company as a whole. The man has been employed there for a little more than a year but despite this, he is probably one of the best regarded people there by the fans. He is the only one of the Achievement Hunter crew that does not have any haters and he has more merchandise than any other worker at Achievement Hunter. Plus, Ray has a reputation of a Badass since he tends to do the best at Let's Plays and he is The Ace of Achievement Hunter. Finally, Ray is a funny person and much of what he says or does is extremely entertaining.
      • On Podcast #220, Burnie hypothesizes that the company loses $50 for every minute Ray is not at his desk.
    • Team Lads in general.
    • JJ, despite not actually appearing in videos personally, is very popular due to his... creative editing of the Let's Builds. He's actually since appeared in a few recap videos, and the one where he ambushes several RT members has become very popular.
    • Luis from Season 1 of the Gauntlet, as a Badass Grandpa Cool Old Guy who was also One of Us.
    • Edgar, despite not even being real.
    • For actual videos, the New Super Mario Bros. U videos were clamoured for, but disappeared (most likely due to Nintendo's policies toward let's players), but surprised everybody with a third video a year later, which became video of the week.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: The fandom frequently asks if Gavin and Barbara are dating, and encourages them to just as frequently. Finally lampshaded after several podcasts.
    • Her adamant admission on the RT Podcast that she and Gavin have not and will not date each other has done nothing to quell the fandom.
  • Freud Was Right:
    • Whenever Gavin is on the podcast, there is an almost guaranteed conversation about genitalia.
    • Geoff and his love of Groin Attacks.
    • The AH team loves to make jokes about "erecting" the Tower of Pimps.
    • Barbara is surprisingly good at drawing penises and draws them rather often.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • Fans of Smosh and SeaNanners tend to like Rooster Teeth, owing to the collaboration between Rooster Teeth and both aforementioned groups. The same goes for Video Game High School and iJustine.
    • In spite of some friction, there are quite a few people who are fans of both the Yogscast and Achievement Hunter. Gavin himself seems to be a fan of Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley, if his Twitter is any indication, and vice versa.
    • Overlapping with Red vs. Blue, many Rooster Teeth fans are Halo fans and vice versa, owing to the source material for RVB.
    • Fans of Arby 'n' the Chief are also fans of Rooster Teeth. Jon Graham and the guys at RT actually get on extremely well, and have worked together many times.
    • Potentially the case with, a movie review website that also operates from Austin, Texas. Spill even hosted their annual fan convention (SpillDotCon) jointly with Rooster Teeth during RTX.
  • First Series Wins: Even with the current huge popularity of Achievement Hunter and RWBY, Rooster Teeth will always be known to various people who are not as keen on their current stuff as "the guys who made Red vs. Blue".
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In one Let's Play for a Tom Clancy game, the crew debate whether Tom Clancy is dead or not - Ray checks and confirms that Tom Clancy is still alive. Said video was released about an hour before Tom Clancy really did die.
  • Growing the Beard: The reaction towards Season 2 of The Gauntlet is considerably more positive than the reaction towards Season 1. It probably helps that there's a mix of people besides community members.
    • For Achievement Hunter, most agree that the channel didn't really take off until they focused on their Let's Plays, rather than their achievement guides. It might even be said that their Let's Plays are the reason they are the Spotlight-Stealing Squad of Rooster Teeth.
    • For AH's Let's Play Minecraft series specifically, earlier episodes suffered from some Early-Installment Weirdness, though when the show found its feet is debatable. One episode worth mentioning is Capture the Tower (24), since it features the first inclusion of Ryan, who would go on to become The Sixth Ranger, and Team Lads and Gents.
    • Doubly so for Let's Play Grand Theft Auto. When it was Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV, it didn't really catch as much attention until the Lads and Gents played the "Cops 'n Crooks" game mode, which they enjoyed immensely and helped to establish Let's Play GTA as a second flagship series for the AH crew. After it became Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V, the series' popularity tapered off a bit after a few months from the game's release, until they started robbing convenience stores in overly elaborate schemes.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Geoff wonders if Tom Clancy is still alive with Ray confirming that he is. Tom Clancy passed away less than a week later, not to mention the fact that the video was uploaded on the day his death was announced.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Achievement Hunter crew made a second Madden Football video, titled the Super Bowl Special, in anticipation of the 2013 Super Bowl match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and San Fransisco 49ers. Geoff said "Whoever wins (in) this game will win the Super Bowl." Turns out, he was right.
    • And they did it again with their third Football video concerning the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. What makes this even more hilarious is the fact that, while their game wasn't as bad as the near-Curb-Stomp Battle that the actual game was, one has to wonder if Jack's General Failure actions jinxed them.
    • This is especially common in the AHWUs. Since the clips are filmed out of order (Geoff is usually filmed last but his clips are shown first and then at the very end) we tend to see the aftermath of, say, one of Gavin's pranks before actually finding out what it is.
    • After Gavin hits his patient in the head with a hammer in the original Surgeon Simulator, Michael comments that "he needs brain surgery now, dude." One of the levels in the updated Steam version is a brain transplant.
    • Michael talking about Rooster Teeth on his personal channel before he was officially hired.
    • In The Gauntlet, Team Internet Celebrity claim they'll go on to be the winners of the tournament. They come last in the KOTH match in Halo, and are the first to be eliminated- with Gavin of all people managing to beat iJustine in spite of 1) a massive time delay for AH because Michael had lagged behind a bit, 2) Gavin being an iffish gamer, and 3) Greg Miller having gained a huge head start on the other teams.
    • In Jeopardy! Part 1, Ray thought that Pandas ate eucalyptus leaves instead of bamboo. Compare that to this scenenote  from Kujibiki Unbalance.
  • Ho Yay: Played With ever since Ray and Gavin came up with the nicknames X-Ray and Vav respectively. The two claim to be in a relationship. Case in point, this video.
    • And if that wasn't enough to convince you, try this video. (Word of warning: audio is NSFW).
    • Gavin and Michael are a huge source of this. Michael even admitted on his podcast to enjoying what the fans are doing with that angle.
    • To an extent, the entire Rooster Teeth crew toward each other, particularly among the Achievement Hunter group. They will often make homoerotic comments/jokes about each other and themselves, especially since the discovery of Michael/Gavin (and shipping in general).
    • Ray likes to ship himself with Ryan as part of the R & R Connection. Like the others, this is Played for Laughs.
    • Mavin is regularly lampshaded by Lindsay who admits that it's her favorite ship.
    • Played for Laughs in this RT Recap. Jessica Nigri appears wearing various cosplays... except in the end when she's naked and covered with a black censor bar, leaving her to question what she's cosplaying right now, causing the numerous RT men (aside from Brandon who is just staring) filming and taking pictures of the shooting to stutter and run away in fear. Kara is also among their number.
  • Internet Backdraft: Because Caleb cheated twice in Let's Play Minecraft, this ensues whenever he is brought up. Quite a few of the other examples fall under this page's entry for Dude, Not Funny! and Fan Dumb as well.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: The initial feeling about VS seeing as three episodes went by with Ray wiping the floor with everyone because they don't choose games that they can play, leading to Ray beating them with ease.note  It died down afterwards.
    • Some fans are getting tired of Gavin and his tendency to make many mistakes in games. There were surprisingly a lot of negative comments on "Let's Play Worms Revolution Part 4" when Gavin kept getting his worms to fall to their deaths, leading to debates on whether or not Gavin was intentionally messing himself up for the sake of being funny.
    • People have noted that Michael's Rage Quit (or Hell, his personality overall) isn't quite as funny as it used to be, believing that he is merely feigning anger now than actually getting mad. Since he has now introduced a new series where he just plays a game with Gavin (Play Pals), and said series currently takes place every other Thursday, time will tell if AH's resident Sir Swears-a-Lot has had enough raging himself.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Gus Sorola is well on the way to becoming this, just look at the Internet Backdraft section on the main page. On Rooster Teeth's reality show The Gauntlet, he's been portrayed as a cunning Manipulative Bastard who plays mind games with the others.
    • Gavin falls into this to an extent in episode 35 of Let's Play Minecraft, as he manages to successfully undermine Geoff and Jack's plan.
    • Ryan in episode 61. He outright negates Michael's victory of freeing Edgar and fixes everything and gets a replacement Edgar. Michael's reaction was hilarious.
  • Memetic Badass: Really, any member of the Rooster Teeth staff that is seen on a somewhat frequent basis can get turned into this by fans. A few examples:
    • Geoff, owing to his laugh.
    • Burnie, having punched out a horse.
    • Jack, due to his Badass Beard. Ryan claims it is the source of his prowess at Trials HD.
    • "Mogar", Michael's warrior alter-ego. Michael himself as well from Rage Quit.
    • Ray, thanks to his various Catch Phrases and his status as The Ace.
    • Joel gets this less than others, but still counts. Due to him playing the president in the Angry Birds (fake) movie trailer and at least one Animated Adventure, fans will often say "Joel for President" and variations.
    • "Hash tag Dan the Man".
    • Mark Nutt is to Gavin what Mogar is to Michael.
    • Ryan is slowly making his way toward this. He regularly proves to be a tough competitor in the Let's Plays, and is capable of defeating the team of Mavin in Let's Play Minecraft episode 36.
      • As well, agree with what he says if he raises his voice even a decibel. There's also a running joke that if somebody is missing, he's killed them, and when the Internet team for The Gauntlet showed up people joked that had they tried doing that to Ryan, he would have killed them.
    • The "Let's Play Grand Theft Auto IV: Cops and Crooks" games is making "Moto Cop" out to be one.
    • "God damn it, Barbara" for whenever someone in the comments makes a lame pun, due to Barbara's habit of making puns about everything.
  • Memetic Molester: Ryan toward animals. It's even gotten to the point that Ryan is joked to have murdered somebody, meaning he's been "upgraded" from molester to molesting murderer.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Geoff's laugh cures cancer."
    • "Headlight fluid".
    • The Tower of Pimps, from Let's Play Minecraft.
    • "Kevin sent me."
    • "I'm gonna build a house," Jack's earlier Catch Phrase for when he gave up on the current Let's Play goal.
    • "Vav, get outta here."
    • "No way in! No way out!" A Running Gag in the third part of the trip to the End in Minecraft; while everyone else goes off looking for supplies, Ray stays behind in the stronghold and begins blocking the ways in and out with doors, iron bars, and roses, ominously chanting this phrase whenever someone tries to leave or come in.
    • Geoff and Gavin have a Let's Play series for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. When Gavin tried to "be sneaky" in one episode by throwing a guy in a dumpster next to the guy's friends, he got killed instantly. Cue Gavin and Geoff joking about a guy looking left and seeing "a guy dressed in black throwing Karl in a dumpster." It's now spawned a new set of memes about Ray looking to the right and seeing Ryan throw Gavin in a "hole", or a Dumpster looking to the left and seeing Ray throw Gavin in Ryan.
    • After people found out that Ryan had imprisoned a cow in his house in Achievement City and called it Edgar, the fans jokingly launched a campaign called "FreeEdgar2013". Some YouTubers even set up a fake account with fictional characters running for president, while using that as a campaign starter.
      • In episode 61, after Michael freed Edgar (who may or may not have been killed by Geoff), Ryan noticed that he was missing, repairs everything, and leads a cow into the hole. When asked whether it was the real Edgar or not, he answered, "You don't understand. Edgar is the one in the hole." The line became memetic almost immediately.
    • "Geoff's dead."
    • Ryan's "I'm still in the air!" line from Achievement Knievel, also overlapping with Never Live It Down.
  • Mis-blamed:
    • Ryan got a lot of unnecessary hate for delaying "Galacticraft Part 3", in spite of the fact that it had to be because Ryan's wife was pregnant and giving birth there and then, which pretty much forced him to! This led to people accusing him of canceling the entire show later on, which wasn't true.
    • In general, if there's a change to Red vs. Blue, Burnie will get the blame for it, even though he doesn't write the actual scripts any more — that job goes to Miles. Burnie does green light things, but still doesn't deserve the blame for changes (granted, Miles doesn't either).
    • Fails of the Weak is not a spelling error; it's a pun.
    • Two cases involving fans of Yogscast. Initially, people assumed Gavin was knowingly making a cheap, hating joke at their expense in Deathcraft — in reality, he and the rest of the office genuinely did not know who they were, and since then he went on to follow Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley on Twitter. Later, AH had the bad timing of playing the mod Galacticraft after the Yogs started doing so, and were accused of copying.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Michael's screaming during Rage Quit and other times when he's frustrated can be very grating, and a Running Gag in his Resident Evil: Revelations Let's Play was that sometimes when playing as Jill he would squeal "Barry!" in a really high-pitched voice.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Gavin made a slip up on "headlight fluid" once. He's been given stuff so extreme as death threats for the odd slip up.
    • After Caleb's derailing of the game played in Let's Play Minecraft episode 28 and a brief incident where he looked at the other guys' screens in episode 29, he has been constantly ridiculed by them during their Let's Play Minecraft episodes. Screenlooking is now referred to as Calebing. He still can't live it down now.
    • The intolerance toward Gavin's shenanigans have spun off into this, with many viewers believing that he's only capable of messing things up and discounts all his positives.
    • Ryan did not say "I'm still in the air" that often.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Ryan: "You don't understand. Edgar is the one in the hole."
    • Also, his insistence in Creeper Census that the reason Edgar is in the hole is to protect the others.
    • This proves to be Foreshadowing for the final challenge of the Mad King Ryan game, which is to kill Edgar... Ryan then reveals that he's created a huge maze under his house, with Kerry hiding in a cow's skin and completely geared in diamond equipment, playing the role of both Edgar and a minotaur. To protect the others, indeed.
    • Going off of the Mad King Ryan saga, the entire Russian Roulette round. Basically, you look up, and hit a button. If a light blinks, you're safe. If not, a hail of arrows and Fire Charges kill you. It's like something out of Saw.
    • And again, Mad King Ryan, now in animated form.
    • Shark Attack, particularly where Michael has the diver hide in a ship with a shark in plain sight. Adding to it, he sounded legitimately frightened and panicked in that scene and a few others.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: "Mavin," for Michael and Gavin; it's acknowledged by the group in episode 35 of Minecraft.
  • Squick:
    • When Gus got the shingles, Gavin lost a bet that he himself made and had to lick his infected leg.
    • Somebody sent gorilla poop to the office.
    • A dead bird was found on Monty's car, with flies hanging around it and when Kathleen picked it up, maggots crawled out of it. Link here for those curious.
    • Podcast #203 when Gavin mentioned the video of an R.O.V. that had made a cut into an oil pipe at a depth of 3000 feet. As this happened, a hapless crab came along and got sucked into the tiny slit the sawblade had made due to the intense ΔP (differential pressure). We're talking a hard-shell crab being sucked in through an opening no more than two centimeters wide.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The initial fan reaction to Ray and Michael doing most of the Achievement Hunter commentary (instead of Geoff and Jack) was this, though most people quickly warmed up to them.
    • The general movement of gearing Achievement Hunter toward Let's Plays more than achievement guides has caused a lot of flak from the fans. This has been acknowledged by Geoff himself, stating that the Let's Plays are what gets them through the weeks that no new games come out.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The fandom tends to react negatively to some of the female members, such as Ashley, Lindsay or Meg, for completely sexist reasons. Literally all of them have been accused of getting jobs because they are going out with someone at the company; this is completely untrue on all counts, since in all three cases they started going out with someone at the company after working with Rooster Teeth. Because in the eyes of some fans, a woman can't get a job on her own merits.
  • The Woobie:
    • After the events of Let's Play Minecraft episode 32, many people started to feel bad for Gavin, mostly because the other guys ganged up on him to stop him from completing his wool puzzle, allowing Geoff to win and get the Tower of Pimps. It didn't help that Michael was busy gloating over the victory and Gavin spent the rest of the episode so eerily silent. Though in the behind the scenes video for that episode, Gavin is very clearly laughing despite proclaiming his annoyance, so while he may have been angry, he was at least taking it all in stride and not being too serious about losing.
      • Hearing all the trouble he suffered while trying to get the chance to work at Rooster Teeth — losing his gamer friends as they all got into drugs while he refused, getting rejected and dismissed by film crews due to his age, the trouble with the visa demands requiring stuff he didn't have, his various medical issues, and everything else — it's very easy to consider him a Woobie. Albeit, a Troll Woobie with a tendency towards the stupid.
    • Iron Woobie: Caleb. Ever since the screen-peeking incident, the guy cannot show up in a video without people in the comment section professing their undying hatred of him. Even if what he did was wrong, the fact that it happened a long while ago and people are still hating on him seems extreme. Despite all this, he takes all the hatred in good stride and he even jokes about his screen-peeking ways.

alternative title(s): Achievement Hunter
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