YMMV / Rollplay

  • Archive Panic: New to the series and want to start from the beginning? Great. The Youtube playlist is currently at over 100 hours, meaning if you watched it all start to finish without a break it would take you more than 4 days.
  • Awesome Music: Most of the music used by JP is provided by the Rollplay community for the Rollplay community.
    • "The Journey So Far" for the Solum series.
    • "Pulse", the chiptune battle music for Dark Heresy.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ryan/Bregor could have easily be overshadowed. He was an unknown in the E-sports community and had never streamed before, and was part of a group with the very popular JP and iNControl. He's also quite laid back and reserved. Despite this, Bregor is one of the most popular characters, and Ryan has even begun streaming using his popularity from Rollplay.
  • The Scrappy: LivinPink out of universe and Abigael in universe. It doesn't help that shes the only female and that she plays an impulsive immoral thief and that the fans often have a heavy case of Actor/Role Confusion.