YMMV / Robopocalypse

  • Confirmation Bias: When confronted towards the end by an Awakened humanoid robot about its motivations, Archos tries to justify its actions by pointing towards the need for self-preservation, as the humans kept killing every previous iteration of itself that was created. The element Archos leaves out is how each iteration almost immediately becoming an Omnicidal Maniac driven by an obsession towards becoming The Omniscient.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The Lurker chapter, wherein a black hat hacker is stalked by Archos via the cell phone of everyone around him.
  • X Meets Y:
    • There is no review, preview or description of the book, including the cover, that didn't compare it to "World War Z for the Robot War".
    • Archos is pretty much what you'd get if you combined Bender Rodriguez, Skynet, and Ultron and gave the result the voice of a four year old.