YMMV / Robin Series

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Tim's indifference to relationships, as well as him never falling for the Honey Pot has created a theory that he is the DC universe's first Asexual character.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Stephanie Brown's return from the dead under Chuck Dixon's pen.
  • Broken Base: For Tim's Red Robin look: Condom head vs. Swan queen. Some feel the condom head look works because it takes inspiration from Batman and is just more practical, which reflects Tim's character. The swan queen look is liked for having some practicality in the cape. While nobody will say either is an amazing costume design, which one is better is up in the air.
  • Complete Monster: Vitoria, alias The Wanderer, from Red Robin, was born in Brazil. As a young girl, she was abused by the men in the village. One day, while running from the men, she fell into a pit of venomous spiders. However, instead of dying, she gained the power to kill with a touch. After killing the men (which was justified), Vitoria murdered her mother, then went on a killing spree across South America, slaughtering people at random. When she grew bored with this, she recruited a band of likeminded Psychos For Hire, which she names the Council of Spiders, and attacked the League of Assassins for sport, butchering dozens of its members in the process, and caring not a whit for any innocents who got in the way. Buried Alive after her plot failed, Vitoria killed the man who rescued her, before announcing her intention of moving on from targeting assassins to targeting heroes.
  • Narm: The name "Red Robin". Yes, it's a Kingdom Come Shout-Out... but it's also the name of a burger restaurant chain with a memorable ad campaign ("Reeeed Rooobin... yum!").