YMMV / Robin Atkin Downes

  • Funny Moments: Listing his many roles at a San Diego Comic Con '11 panel and politely phrasing "because there are children around" that he was the voice of the minotaur, who, uh, was "having relations" in a film.
    • He also plays all the parts in the redubbed version of the "Meet The Medic" outtakes, which means he has to play Spy briefly. It just sounds a bit silly. He also throws in an improvised "mon dieu" for good measure.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Thanking Dr. Ether for compiling a list of his favorite roles on a "Meet The Voice Actors: The Medic" video, uploading snippets of the recording sessions for "Meet The Medic" for fans, and redubbing the outtakes of "Meet The Medic", also just for the fans. This guy really loves his fanbase. He also seems to share the fondness his character displays for the dove Archimedes.