YMMV: Rise of the Robots

  • Anticlimax Boss: The Supervisor is just as, if not more than, susceptible to the corner-and-kick technique as most of the other opponents, making it very easy to beat her without taking a single hit.
  • Game Breaker - Full of these.
    • Most fights in single player can be won by just backing your opponent into a corner and kicking them to death.
  • Hype Backlash: Play It Bogart said it best.
    "Unless you were living under a rock in 1994, there was no way you couldn't have heard of this game! [...] With this much hype, how could it possibly fail? Oi, you'd be surprised."
    • It's pretty funny too. There was word that the game would be adapted into books, comics, a television series, and even a movie! Have you figured out why you have never heard of Rise of the Robots outside of the two video games yet?
  • Nightmare Fuel - The Genesis game over music
  • Porting Disaster - Considering this game was all about the graphics and music, there were some platforms that shouldn't have even been considered for a port. In particular, the handheld versions featured ugly, blotchy sprites on top of the terrible gameplay.
    • To give some examples, the Super Nintendo version had a great techno track and graphics, but lacking everywhere else. The genesis version had it worse thanks to it's music quality. The Amiga version, while great graphically, has no music at all.
    • The PC version of Rise 2 was more robust. The PS1 port lacked some graphical details.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel - Rise 2: Resurrection had a much wider range of characters, more moves for each, somewhat improved controls, and a number of other fixes. It was actually playable. On top of that, you can freely pick your characters this time. Unfortunately, it was still a very dull, uninteresting fighter, and wasn't good enough to get over the bad memories of the first.
  • That One Boss: The Crusher is easily the most broken character in the first game, with a really long reach (while still attacking just as quickly as any other opponent) and a wonky hitbox on its jump attack allowing it to hit you when it shouldn't be able to. It's also one of the few opponents in the game where the "Back your opponent into a corner and kick them to death" strategy doesn't work.