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YMMV: Ridge Racer
  • Awesome Music: Has its own page.
  • Broken Base: Oh god, the Broken Base.
    • Unbounded. One half of the Fandom believes that Bugbear's interpretation of Ridge Racer has basically killed the series as a whole, with Unbounded being decried by most of its critics as a mash-up of several other arcade racers (the destruction of Split Second, the combativeness of Burnout, an art style similar to blur) without having any of the series' traditional aspects (save for the drifting, but even the weighty-ness of it is different from the older games) that made the series popular. On the other hand, the other half of the Fandom believe Unbounded as a breath of fresh air for the series (except for the recent portable releases, the last console game was Ridge Racer 7; a launch title for the PS3), with some really solid racing mechanics (least they ripped off the best arcade racers) and a good track creator, among other good things people have to say for Unbounded.
    • The fandom still can't decide which is the Magnum Opus of the series: Rage Racer, Type 4 or 7? Most people tend to go with Type 4, due to being Lighter and Softer than the other games in the series, having graphics and features which pushed the first Playstation to its absolute limit, and also for having an actual backstory for every team in the game. Others say Rage Racer due to introducing a money system for the first time in a racing game and also being the first game in the series to enable car customization. Even others cherish 7 due to taking everything that made the former titles of the series truly memorable (the music a la Revolution, the customization from Rage Racer, the atmosphere of Type 4, etc.) into one big bad package.
    • However, fans will nod their heads in agreement with the PS Vita Ridge Racer. Does it keep the series' gameplay? Yeah, sure, but so what? It's basically an overpriced demo that makes you buy everything else as DLC, some of which is content back from 7. Not only that, the entire game is a grind fest consisting of doing races for hints you already know and maybe an upgrade, and don't even get started with the level up system for online.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The hidden menu in the PS Vita version of Ridge Racer gives you, in the background, a seductively lying Reiko Nagase in a latex suit based on the Soldat Crinale.
  • Fandom Berserk Button: No Reiko Nagase in Ridge Racer = *insert Loud Gulp here*
  • Fandom Rivalry: The Ridge Racer fandom used to not have good relations with the fandom of Daytona USA. However, thanks to an appearance of Daytona's iconic car, the Hornet, as Guest Fighter in Vita, the rivalry has toned down, and some even argue they are even Friendly Fandoms.
  • Game Breaker: The Kamata Angelus in V. Ludicrous top end speed (almost 700 kph!!!), twitchy handling and zooming-past-you-in-no-time acceleration in one lovely-looking package.
    • The Age Ultranova in 6 is this. It takes time to unleash the power of this Formula One car look-a-like, because it has the worst normal Nitrous charge in the game, but once you used Nitrous, a good drift can easily charge the entire Nitrous tank in one go with its devastatingly powerful Ultimate Charge. If you know how to handle it, this car will make the Nintendo Hard final races of the game complete anticlimatic races.
      • Unfortunately, this car has been toned down in 7.
    • The Sinseong Jujak, the Assoluto Bisonte and the Himmel EO in 7. The first one, if tuned properly, has an astounding Ultimate Charge; the second and the third one, when installing the right components, make you an uncatchable racer.
    • The Soldat Crinale in the PS Vita release. With the right components and the right tune setup, it will blow everyone away in the dust.
      • Flex Nitrous + Ultra Ultimate Charge + Last Lap Nitrous upgrade combo. Here's how it works: Flex Nitrous is a single Nitrous tank which can be used at any time if charged; using the Ultra Ultimate Charge upgrade - which boosts the Ultimate Charge's power in spite of normal charge power - will let you charge MORE Nitrous you are supposed to, and thus you can kick in your Nitrous at any time. The Last Lap Nitrous upgrade makes things even better: once you start the final lap of the race, the car's nitrous tank will be charged with half of the entire tank (1 full tank and a half). Hello nigh-unlimited Nitrous!
    • The Manual Transmission Jump Start Trick in Rage Racer. Simply holding down the gas and shifting gears when the light says GO, while tapping the brakes, jumped your car to beyond its top speed instantly. If you're driving the Assoluto Squaldon, say hello to 0-230 miles per hour instantly.
  • Magnum Opus: R4/Type 4 seems to be the most popular bet on this.
  • Memetic Mutation: Kaz Hirai's impassioned plea to get gamers to care about the PlayStation Network rerelease of the PS1 port of Ridge Racer. Which, amusingly, hasn't happened yet.. But what DID happen is a rerelease of Type 4, much to the gushing of the entire Ridge Racer fanbase.
  • Most Annoying Sound: In R4's Time Attack mode, every time you fail to beat a section record, the announcer feels the need to shout "MY GRANDMA DRIVES FASTER THAN THAT! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!".
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Conversely to the above, every time you manage to beat a section record still in the game's Time Attack, the announcer smoothly says "SWEET! YOU REALLY BLEW THROUGH THAT SECTION!".
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Soldat Crinale, especially in the first few games, because when racing against it, its position is not showed in the racetrack map, and since it's a very fast, evil-looking car, it can cause sudden heart attacks. And its nickname (Devil) doesn't help either.
  • Older Than They Think: Unbounded wasn't the first time a Ridge Racer game was made by a western company. That goes back to the Nintendo 64 days with Ridge Racer 64.note 
  • So Cool It's Awesome: Rare arcade cabinets had you sitting in a real Porsche playing the game on a large screen through the windshield.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The song "Pulse Phaze" sounds a lot like "Katamari On The Funk" with any reference to Katamari taken out. The lyrics become "Let's get together! Lalalalalalala".
  • That One Level: some of the racetracks in the series are absolute bastards, such as EX Revolution Road, Greenpeak Highlands, Edgestone Expressway/Edge of the Earth, Britenight Cruiseway/Brightest Nite, Bayside Line, Island Circle, Sunset Heights and Redstone Thunder Road.
    • EX Revolution Road is probably the best example of this trope. Not only it is almost 7 km long, it has many sharp blind corners, a few hairpins, fast and sudden chicanes and at the end, a jump right before a left hander, which can determine win or loss.
    • Phantomile in Type 4 is the shortest course in the game at 1.8 kilometers, but it's still only a 3-lap course, so you don't have much time to get to first place, which is mandatory in GP Mode to advance. If you've been placing poorly and getting all the bad upgrade cars, it's an uphill battle to avoid losing all four of your lives. To contrast, the final course Shooting Hoops is slightly longer, but has 6 laps and thus plenty of time to gain first place.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: When Namco announced that a new Ridge Racer title was coming for mobile platforms, the fanbase was definitely not amused. They actually wanted — and still want — a Ridge Racer for the PlayStation 4.

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