YMMV: Ricochet

  • Complete Monster: Earl Talbot Blake is a cruel hitman who is seen murdering a drug dealer for his money before he is pursued by a cop named Nick Styles. After taking a woman hostage, Blake is arrested by Styles and rots for years in jail while burning with hatred for his captor. Blake escapes by causing a massacre of a parole hearing and murders a man to serve as a stand-in for Blake's corpse. Blake proceeds to hound Styles, injects him full of drugs and films him being raped by a prostitute to destroy Styles' career, marriage and life. Blake later kills Styles's partner and gleefully expresses he wants to destroy everything Styles has. When his own loyal right-hand man finally has enough, Blake murders him, too.
  • Foe Yay: Blake's obsession with Styles, evident from some of his lines:
    "Last time I held a gun in this hand, young man took off all of his his clothes for me!"
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: It's only fitting that prior to playing Malcolm X, Denzel (or rather, Nick Styles) would see a Malcolm Xerox on TV, that is, the talk show guest who was going on about a conspiracy to bring Nick Styles down.