* AnticlimaxBoss: [[spoiler: In Return to Krondor, the final boss, 7-foot-tall pirate leader Bear, dies pretty much automatically after you click the cursor on him to attack him, largely due to your character having been transformed into a god-like avatar with 16 attacks per turn and a huge flaming greatsword. The sword being used is called the Elfersblade Demonslayer, a sword that can chant an arcane spell of protection for its wielder, and is very deadly in the right hands.]]
** [[spoiler: That, and Bear probably relied on that amulet for so long, his fighting skills diminished to the point that he could not fight properly against an opponent that could actually hurt and kill him.]]
* CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Bear]] is a [[PsychoForHire vicious mercenary pirate]] initially employed as muscle by the sorcerer Sidi, or Leso Varen, to gain the Tear of the Gods, quickly becoming something far more uncontrollable and ambitious. With the power of a dark amulet making him impervious to all forms of harm, Bear forces a pirate crew led by Knute to join him under the threat of death and massacres the Ishapian ship carrying the Tear. Once he loses the Tear and is further betrayed by Knute, Bear resurfaces and comes down on Krondor in a vicious fury. Bear slaughters his way into a tavern, [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil pleasuring]] [[RapeAsDrama himself]] with Sir William's fiancée, Talia, before [[StuffedIntoTheFridge murdering her]], kills his way into the city jail and vengefully cuts Knute apart, and indiscriminately murders his way out of Krondor and through the sewers, setting a populated orphanage on fire purely as a diversion. Once he's finally tracked down by William and his allies, Bear gleefully attempts to slay all those who stand before him and the Tear, proclaiming he'll be [[AGodAmI nothing more than a god]]. A barbarian too much even for the sinister Leso Varen, Bear is little more than animalistic wrath and savage fury on legs.
* CrowningMomentOfFunny: At the beginning of the game, you can find a man named the Whisperer. He gives you a locket and tells you to give it to his girlfriend Selestra when you find her (He refuses to do it himself because he had gotten disfigured in the war he fought it, went into hiding, and is ashamed to show his no-longer-handsome face to her.) It turns out that [[spoiler: Selestra is the witch with the undeserved bad reputation at Haldon Head, and you can give her the locket in the second last chapter of the game. She will be happy to know that her old boyfriend is still alive, and then say that she will find him at Krondor and they will get married no matter what he looks like.]] This is funny when you consider that she is old and not particularly attractive in terms of looks, while he did not go to her because he was a little too vain about himself. Also, they had not seen each other in years, so they would probably be unable to recognize each other if they met again.
* MoralEventHorizon: The beginning of the game has Bear and his pirates kill off a ship full of priests to steal treasure and one special object. If this does not qualify as a MoralEventHorizon, then the next few parts will. Bear attacks a bar and kills a young barmaid (it may have been worse than that), leaving the barowner without a daughter. He attacks a jail just so he can personally kill a small-time pirate who decided he needed to get out of the business. He cut down half the Krondorian guard squad. [[spoiler: The guard captain is Bear's cousin. The Whisperer will tell you this in the second chapter of the game. The guard captain wants to keep that fact a secret and he really wants to take Bear down.]] He sets an orphanage on fire when he is unable to escape the city through the gates. He escapes through the sewer, tearing through the Mockers (the Guild of Thieves) who got in the way. Bear accomplished all this in the first couple of levels. Of course, it seems that he that he not only crossed the MoralEventHorizon before the events of the game, but he sprinted through it and never looked back.
* ThatOneBoss: ''VideoGame/ReturnToKrondor'' has a few bosses that are candidates for this trope. [[spoiler: The first candidate is a demon. This demon is huge, red, and muscular. It does not use magic attacks, but it has a claw attack that will hit your characters ''very'' hard and almost never misses. It is pretty much immune to magic attacks (However, it is possible to blind this monster with the spell Behold the Birthing Sun - the second last magic spell you can unlock in the Fire Spells section). This demon a lot of health points, and you will need a good sword to hurt it. Your party against this demon consists of James the thief and Jazhara the mage. Wait, that's not all! Your decisions in the game will cause one out of a few scenarios to occur: 1. You fight the demon and one necromancer in a small room, 2. You fight the demon and two mages in a small room, or 3. You fight the demon, one necromancer, and at least four Nighthawks in the Bar. Have fun!]]
** [[spoiler: The second candidate is at least one of the Grey Talon Mercernaries. Some of them have magical armour and weapons. This means that if you did not properly prepare for this fight, then you are going to spend forever trying to inflict damage on them. The party consists of William the warrior and six Krondorian guards.]]
** [[spoiler: The third candidate is the Vampire Lord. Your decisions will result in one or two fights with this boss. One of the fights has the boss being able to completely restore all his health (He has a lot of health points) every time you bring it down to zero. He also will very likely hit you, and not only does he hit hard, but the vampire bite adds a lot to the damage he inflicts. This means that he can topple mighty Solon in a few hits. That fight ends after a number of turns, in which the Vampire Lord disappears in a puff of smoke. The other fight with him is the same as the last one with two differences: 1. He can no longer completely restore his health when you bring it down to zero and 2. He has three vampires and a zombie backing him up. At least this time he dies for good after a number of turns...if you last that long. The party consists of James the thief, Jazhara the mage, Kendaric the mage, and Solon the warrior-priest.]]
** [[spoiler: The fourth candidate is the Dragon Soul. This boss is practically immune to attacks except for magic swords. It will simply shoot chain lightning at you on every turn. There is little defense against magic attacks. All you can do is try to survive for enough turns before it is automatically defeated. The party is the same as the one fighting the Vampire Lord.]]
* WhatAnIdiot: ''VideoGame/ReturnToKrondor'' manages to avert this trope for the most part. [[spoiler: However, there is one glaring instance of this trope popping up at the end of the game. William is magically carried to Widow's Point by Sidi, gets to fight Bear and finally kill him. William reunites with the other four player characters and take the Tear of the Gods back to Krondor. Sidi is the guy Bear worked for and Sidi is responsible for all sorts of trouble the protagonists went through.]]\\
'''You'd Expect''': [[spoiler: William bring up Sidi's name, which will cause a reaction to the other four and confront Sidi.]]\\
'''Instead''': [[spoiler: The five characters go back to Krondor, seem to forget all about Sidi, and William never brings up the fact that Sidi helped him bring down Bear.]]