YMMV / Retro Studios

  • Broken Base: At E3 2013, many people are not pleased to learn that Retro's next game was to be "another damn Donkey Kong Country." Even after its release, discussion of Tropical Freeze usually included variations of the phase "Should've been Metroid". Many considered Retro's talents being put into another Platform Game as a waste, while Metroid fans saw the studio as their only hope of getting a good game after the most recent installment in that franchise ended up being a huge base breaker itself. While Tropical Freeze has gone on to be considered one of the best installments in its franchise, rivaling DKC2, there are still those who lament that Retro "wasted" their time making it.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Retro having worked on both series, there is a rift between Metroid fans and Donkey Kong Country fans, with both fanbases accusing the other for their games stealing the spotlight.
  • My Real Daddy: After the failure of Metroid: Other M, the fanbase came to decide that Retro is the only developer that can do the series justice. This sentiment increased after the mixed reception of Metroid Prime: Federation Force.
  • Spiritual Successor: Many consider them the second coming of Rare, due to being a Western-based developer that revitalized older Nintendo properties. Retro creating their own series of Donkey Kong Country games also add to this viewpoint.
  • Win the Crowd: "How could a Metroid FPS possibly work?" As fans of the series would come to realize, quite well.