YMMV / Retro Studios

  • Broken Base: After 2-3 years of secrecy many people are not pleased with Retro's project being another Donkey Kong Country game, as revealed at E3 2013. The announcement that Retro chose to work on this over another Metroid title got fans of the series miffed about this.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Retro having worked on both series, there is a rift between Metroid fans and Donkey Kong Country fans, with Metroid fans accusing the DK games of stealing Metroid's spotlight, and vice versa.
  • My Real Daddy: With the flopping of Metroid: Other M, the fanbase seems to have largely decided that Retro should develop the franchise from now on.
  • Spiritual Successor: Many consider them the second coming of Rare (being a western-based, second party Nintendo developer known for their platformers).
  • Superior Successor: On top of doing a lot of things Rare were known for back in the day, their games end up not having the spotty framerate that some Rare games tend to have.
  • Win the Crowd: "How could a Metroid FPS possibly work?" As fans of the series would come to realize, quite well.