YMMV / Retail

  • Internet Backdraft:
    • In August 2016, there was a storyline where Marla missed a company meeting because her car broke down. Stuart believe she was lying, while Brice gave her the benefit of the doubt. Turns out that Stuart was right, and Marla did skip the meeting because she's become that jaded about her professional life. Many readers were upset because it was so uncharacteristic of Marla, and that Stuart's jerkass attitude was actually justified for a change.
    • Readers were also unhappy with the storyline where Scott is intending to propose to Marla, or more precisely, Val's role in it. The Grumbel's staff ends up finding out about the upcoming proposal before Marla does, and when she catches wind of a rumour flying around, Val quickly lies and says that the rumour is about Stuart quitting, and Marla getting his old job. When everything comes out into the open, Val blames Cooper for everything when his only crime was telling Val when he found out about the proposal from Scott. Val was the one who told everyone else, and Val was the one that came up with the lie about Stuart, despite knowing that Marla has wanted that Manager's position for years.
    • A storyline dealt with Val finally admitting to her father that she's been lying about being a professional writer and that she really works at Grumbel's. She tells Cooper that she's going to tell her father over dinner that night, and oh by the way, Cooper has to be there for back-up, despite the fact he's never met her father before. When Cooper expresses concern that maybe it wouldn't help matters if he was there, Val gets all passive aggressive on him and walks out. Readers were outraged by her attitude, especially since she gave Cooper literally no warning that they were having dinner with her father that very night, and were even more put out when Val was never called out on how badly she had acted. She then ditches him at an awkward moment during the dinner, leaving Cooper to fend himself against her annoyed father. Granted it's sweet that Cooper defends Val despite it all, but not once does Val get called out on how badly she's treated him.
      • Val does however realise that she might have been out of order further down the line and Marla is quick to agree.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Marla's new assistant, Brice Tanner, tends to micromanage everyone and be a thorn on their sides, but he is portrayed more sympathetically than Josh ever was, especially when he is in the receiving end of Stuart's idiotic policy.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The health care plotline in 2008 depicted the fate of most US service workers by showing Cooper facing medical bankruptcy after a hospital trip due to the fact that most retail workers (as part-timers) do not qualify for and cannot afford health insurance.
  • Women Are Wiser: For the first several years of the strip, women in positions of authority (Marla, Val, Connie, Lara) were always portrayed positively, as intelligent, caring, sensible, and fair-minded leaders. By contrast, men in positions of authority were all depicted negatively - Stuart and Josh are arrogant Corporate stooges, Jerry a misogynist, Gary insisted on holding annoying and useless training seminars, and Bradley a gloating, insufferable jerkass who tried to steal his competitor's employees.
    • As of late 2013, this trend has diminished somewhat, with Cooper's promotion to stockroom supervisor and the introduction of the Delman's managers, the sympathetic Greg and the manipulative backstabber, Mina. Additionally, in 2014, the Grumbel's got a competent, non-prickish male assistant manager in Arthur (in an early interaction with Marla, Marla realizes that Arthur basically is what she was as AM).