YMMV: Requiem Chevalier Vampire

  • Awesome Art: While the writing of the comic is of varying quality, the artwork is stunningly beautiful. Every page and panel is drawn with love and care and is ridiculously detailed, and while the first issue had very good artwork by itself, it has gotten better and more intricate with every subsequent issue.
  • Anvilicious: In case you didn't get who the Person of Mass Destruction was, his blood flows until it looks like a very recognizeable mustache.
    • Astoundingly enough, while people like Attila, Nero, and Robespierre were reborn as high-ranking vampires, Hitler isn't one of them. That's because he's kept as a weapon of mass destruction against Lemures, once their tormentor is dead (again), they are no longer bound to Ressurection. Two others of the same scale are on Dracula's ship, but their identity hasn't been revealed yet.
  • Fridge Horror: In Claudia Chevalier Vampire, we learn that unless she sacrifices her daughter to her masters before her 21st birthday, Claudia will be used as the sacrifice. As CCV is a prequel, we can only presume her daughter didn't make it.
  • Narm: Okay, so it was very romantic, but seriously, Rebecca kissing Heinrich's photo as she lies dying in the snow at Kulbricht?
    • Especially since on that photo, Heinrich looks like a woman.