YMMV / Republic: The Revolution

  • Awesome Music: Probably the most memorable thing about the game is the perfect soundtrack, by British composer James Hannigan.
  • Guide Dang It!: On the Wealth path, you are given a task to dig up some dirt on the Bishop of Ekaterine. There are two problems with that. First, for whatever reason, there are actually two bishops in Ekaterine: Abram Baranov, the leader of the political faction Church of Novistrana, who is explicitly named "Bishop of Ekaterine Church" in his Flavor Text, despite apparently not being an Ekaterine native; and the other is Breshnov, whom his Flavor Text describes as "the often absent Bishop of Ekaterine Town" and who is your real quarry, despite never actually appearing as an NPC on your radar until then. Secondly, in order to get him to spawn, you have to use an obscure mechanic that is never properly introduced up to that point: while one of your functionaries is gathering information in Lissitzky Towers, click on the Church of Epiphany in rooftop mode to access the "Dig Deeper" action, which will change the building's Flavor Text, instructing you to investigate in the same manner the Morozov Casino, which will reveal Bishop Breshnov's gambling addiction. Add the two factors together, and you'll be entirely forgiven for spending in-game weeks tracking Baranov's every move to no avail.