YMMV / Region

  • Complete Monster: Takada is worse than the hostile animals within the same work. Takada, the fourth grade teacher of Ryuuto Togakush, allows his students to bully the young boy out of contempt. When a power outage occurs, Takada—angered that Ryuuto had kept him longer than he wanted—contemplates on making the bullying worse for Ryuuto or raping him. Realizing that he wouldn't be held accountable if something were to happen to the children, Takada tricks his students into a corner of the classroom, and opens the door allowing the waves of rats to overtake and devour the unsuspecting students. Upon realizing that Ryuuto was still alive, Takada attempts to coerce Ryuuto into eating a rice ball laced with rat poison to ensure that he got away scot-free. Once the rats descend on the shelter, Takada seals the door to the entrance of the roof, condemning hundreds of people to a painful death. After Chief Togakushi reunited with his children, Takada takes the car, leaving him, his children, and his co-worker Asagiri Risako to die. A selfish, cowardly man, Takada would go to any length to preserve his own life.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Ryuuto's teacher crosses this when he tell his students to cover their eyes and stand in a corner, then lets the swarm of rats in and runs for it, leaving an entire classroom of elementary schoolers to be eaten alive. Sure, they were Asshole Victims but still!
    • He was also going to trick Ryuuto into eating a rice ball spiked with poison, out of fear that he would suspect his involvement in the students' deaths and rat him out, even though it's clear Ryuuto is too kind-hearted and naive to do so. Only the timely intervention of Kizaki, who was perfectly aware of the teacher's intentions from the beginning, prevented Ryuuto from dying an early death.
    • Then the later actions of lying to Togakushi twice (first that he saw his children leave the city, then that they were dead) just to save his own ass, and then driving off to leave Togakuchi, Asagiri, and the children to die.