YMMV / Red Sonja

The books:

The comics:

  • Foe Yay: With Dark Annisia in the Gail Simone series. Not so much subtext as text, since Annisia was undeniably in love with Sonja at one time and may still be.
    • Confirmed in Simone's Conan/Red Sonja mini-series, where it is confirmed that Dark Annisia and Red Sonja were romantically involved for a time after escaping the arenas of Zamora.

The film:

  • Special Effects Failure:
    • The skeleton bridge over the lava is quite obviously a matte painting.
    • In the opening scene with Gedren's army attacking the nuns, we see the same nun being thrown into the pit twice.
    • The sea monster looks so bad that they actually tried to cover it with a line that it's a machine, despite this being a ridiculous case of Schizo Tech.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy accused the movie of being morally dubious as far as the portrayal of homosexuality is concerned. Gedren is portrayed as a lesbian whose rivalry with Sonja is based partly on the fact that Sonja once rejected her sexual advances.