YMMV: Red Hulk

  • Arc Fatigue: The mystery of who Red Hulk was dragged on for roughly two years; by the point the arc was finished, nobody really cared.
  • Creator's Pet: The Red Hulk under Jeph Loeb. Shortly after being introduced he beat odin-forced Thor with his own hammer, punched out the Watcher, killed the Grandmaster (who is immortal), casually killed off the whole Defenders (including the Silver Surfer!) and much more. Luckily, he got depowered when Parker took over, and every hero that has been beaten by him before returned to return the favor in some very satisfying ways.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Red Hulk, despite not being... well, red, made his debut as a What If? story. Here, have a laugh.
  • Ho Yay: During the "Circle of Four" arc in Venom, Ross and Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) quickly found common ground because of their military background.
    Ghost Rider: I swear, you two are just a hair away from kissing each other.
    Venom: Don't ask; don't tell.
  • Memetic Mutation: Ross' mustache and its incredible abilities.
  • My Real Daddy: Jeff Parker, the writer on the red Hulk's solo title, has done an amazing job of rebuilding and redeeming the character.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Once he makes a Heel-Face Turn, Thor and Galactus decide to have their way with him in retaliation. The moment where Red Hulk wields Mjolnir is handwaved in that he picked it up in space where there is no gravity and turns out he can't lift it on the surfaces of planets.
  • Villain Sue: Red Hulk initially goes around beating up people regardless of whether this makes any sense at all - the part where he picks up Thor's hammer and beat the God of Thunder up with it. Then there's that great image of him riding the Silver Surfer's board after absorbing his Power Cosmic while wielding Terrax's halberd (which once provided the image for the Villain Sue page). He even kills somebody who is explicitly immortal.