YMMV / Red Faction: Origins

  • Complete Monster: In this interquel between Guerilla and Armageddon, besides introducing Adam Hale from Armageddon, Stroller is the leader of the White Faction, made from the remnants of the EDF. When the White Faction faces population collapse due to an influenza, Stroller sought to repopulate the ranks by abducting children and raising them to be soldiers. Stroller makes a specific target out of Alec Mason's children, personally killing their mother Samanya and taking Lyra while Jake barely escapes. Stroller places himself as a father figure to Lyra, making her believe that her family is dead and that he saved her. In the present, Stroller is responsible for escalating tensions between the colonists and Marauders, killing people on both sides and framing the other party. To orchestrate a war, Stroller launches attack on Eos to massacre civilians before turning their attention to attack the Marauders. When Stroller sees Jake aboard his ship, coincidentally at the time Lyra realizes the truth, Stroller attempts to kill her personally, denouncing her as a traitor.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Seems to be the general reception.
  • Video-Game Movies Suck: Averted, for the most part.