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YMMV: Red Dawn +20
  • Complete Monster: There are many terrible villains, with the biggest and baddest of them all being the GRU's General Sergei Khvostov, aka "The Butcher of Clear Lake City." His offenses include: arriving at Johnson Space Center in Houston and finding that NASA had managed to move everything (personnel, equipment, documentation) out of there before the invaders arrived, leaving only a mocking note "Catch us if you can," He response was ordering the massacre of the families of NASA contractors, astronauts, and anyone else left behind in Clear Lake City; bathing a Cuban officer (one of his nation's allies) in battery acid when they got into an argument over a mistress; massacring the town of Freer, Texas in response to an assassination attempt (that's implied to have actually been carried out by other elements of the KGB who found his methods counterproductive); and forcing the mayor of San Antonio to kill one of his staff, threatening to rape her and then kill her himself anyway if he didn't. (He complied).

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