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YMMV: Recess: School's Out
  • Adaptation Displacement: After Recess was cancelled, many fans were introduced to the show through the film from seeing it on video/DVD or on TV. Unfortunatly, this has caused many young children to come upon the show when it's in repeats and think it's based on the film. (Given, since Disney frequently makes television series based off of their animated films.)
  • Awesome Art: The backgrounds in the film are very well-made and detailed, compared to the series, and they look great.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entire sountrack, composed largely of '60s pop and psychedelia.
    • Special mention to the background music that plays whenever T.J. has a plan... a beefed-up, more badass version of the regular BGM.
    • The background score was really nice in the show, but the movie's background score is really impressive.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome:
    • Gus gets one when he becomes leader of the kids, since T.J. is still trapped in the school.
    • Vince gets his when he destroys the machine.
  • Cult Classic: While not as commercially mainstream like other Disney films, for a certain generation who grew up with the film, it's one of Disney's best animated movies, especially in the 2000s when Disney's regular animation department was going through a Dork Age.
    • And for said certain demographic, it's considered the film to watch at the end of the school year.
  • First Installment Wins: Out of all three Recess films, the others being Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade and Recess: All Growed Down note , this one is the most well-known and well-recieved among Recess fans and the only one to get a theatrical release.
  • Fridge Horror: Why did Prickly call the villain insane? Maybe because creating another ice age to end summer vacation forever would bring forth The End of the World as We Know It?
    • Or maybe because using a tractor beam to change the Moon's orbit is just, you know, insane?
  • Memetic Mutation: "Hello, boys!"
  • Misblamed: Some of the reviews complained about how the animation wasn't as top quality as other Disney films. Recess: School's Out wasn't produced by the main Disney animation studio.
  • Narm:
    • Right after T.J. and Principal Prickly's guard disguises fail T.J. yells "RUN!", but is still oddly smiling, possibly due to an animation error.
      • This troper just assumed he was still smiling because he was still pretending to be a guard and trying to give Prickly and himself a head start by not immediately blowing their cover.
    • One of the early trailers (seen on the Air Bud: World Pup VHS) has a scene where the kids are about to break into the school with T.J. saying "Cover me, I'm going in", which is obviously recycled from the first episode. This is especially noticable due to the fact that T.J. had a different voice actor in season one.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The scene where Prickley was dematerialized. Mainly because it comes out of nowhere, but also since Recess is a Disney cartoon odds are we just seen him get killed. He didn't though.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Gus taking a level in badass earned this response from some of his detractors (Though unlike most examples, Gus just has a very Broken Base instead of being an outright scrappy.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Seeing T.J. as his friends leave for camp is heartbreaking.
    • There's one that seems to be specifically aimed at the Military Brats in the audience: the gang are in the treehouse discussing pleasant memories of past summers and lamenting that they probably won't make any new ones from here on out, when Gus suddenly starts bawling:
    Spinelli: What's the matter with you? You just moved here!
    Gus: I know! And now I'll never share any of these memories!
    • The very last shot in the movie, of the gang relaxing by the pond after all the events of the film. It might not seem much, but the film was also suppossed to be the "official" ending of the seriesnote , and pretty much a "goodbye" to the gang (until Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade was released).
  • Uncanny Valley: The French movie poster (Which was used in various other non-English speaking markets).
  • The Woobie: T.J. in the beginning of the film after his friends go to camp.

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