YMMV / Reborn

  • Acceptable Targets: The IRS, as one of the villains claims to have previously worked for them and enjoys see people in pain as result.
  • Complete Monster: Lord Golgotha is the evil, despotic ruler of the Dark Lands, and a steadfast opponent to the pure denizens of Adystria and all that is good. Having his forces scourge Adystria to kidnap their denizens, Golgotha horribly bleeds them out by the thousands to power a machine through which he intends to launch an attack on Earth to engage in a campaign of wholesale slaughter with his army of the worst of humanity reincarnated, reveling in the potential horrors that he and his forces will inflict on the world. When the chosen one Bonnie Black comes to fight him, Golgotha has her ex-husband kidnapped and his village decimated, and reveals that he was the sniper who murdered him and 27 others originally for fun, his only regret from his old life being that he didn't kill enough people.
  • Narm: Frost wants revenge against Bonnie because she neutered him as a kitten. It Makes Sense in Context, but damn if it isn't silly.
  • Squick: Lord Golgotha is a terrifying demonic like figure whose lover Arimathea is a massive dragon with a lion head. Pass the Brain Bleach.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Certain characters die very soon after being introduced such as Frost (who is established to have a personal reason to go after Bonnie) and Ruby (who is said to have been Bonnie's classmate from school) when they have the potential to be more interesting, but aren't able to be developed properly due to the series' short length.