YMMV: Re:BIRTH –The Lunatic Taker–

  • Mary Sue: Reiji's friend/roommate has a killer body and isn't afraid to show it, is a successful novelist who was living in America for the past few years, is pretty sure Ayaka's love for Reiji is more than sisterly (ironically she and Reiji look more like siblings than Reiji and his sister), is an amateur boxer and adapts to the Taker lifestyle faster than the protagonists.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Danced around. While the artist spends a lot of panels showing off Ayaka's evil streak, she hasn't done anything truly evil yet. Though killing an innocent "civilian" may be counted as this, even if she didn't aim for him she did attack with the intent of killing a mostly defenseless (at the moment at least) opponent who fought only because Ayaka attacked first