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YMMV: Re-Volt
  • Awesome Music: Many, many examples.
  • Porting Disaster: The N64 and PS1 versions are... not good. Levels were missing tons of obstacles (the sliding door in Supermarket 2, the train on the toy level), there were missing graphical effects, the framerate was a slideshow, and worst of all, there could only be four racers (the Dreamcast version had at least 8, and the PC version can go to 12). Also, if there was even one other racer or the slightest graphical effect on-screen, you got catastrophic slowdown. Nothing quite like getting to the sequence at the end of the championship and having the game slow to 1/3 speed whenever a firework goes off. Needless to say, the PS1 and N64 versions were pretty much unplayable.
  • Vindicated by History: The game got slammed by critics pretty hard on release, and the game didn't sell very well at all (the Porting Disasters mentioned above probably have something to do with it). However, the game has gotten quite a bit of fans over the years thanks to the highly mod-friendly PC version. Its Spiritual Successor, RC Revenge, which was only on PS1 and PS2, isn't nearly as popular.

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